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  • High-voltage Reinforced Isolation: Definitions and Test Methologies
    This white paper discusses, in detail, the definitions of the above mentioned high voltage Isolation parameters, their relevance to real-life system scenarios, and describes how they are tested and certified. This understanding is essential to compare the performance of competing isolation
  • Advancing High Voltage Electrical Surveys
    Technology miniaturization has enabled significant advancements in high-voltage electrical surveying. A solar-blind ultraviolet image can be overlaid onto infrared or a solar-blind ultraviolet image and then overlaid onto color-and all images can be shown in the same camera that weighs only six
  • Performing Low Voltage Continuity Tests With High Voltage Hipot Testers
    Manufacturers of heating elements, cable harnesses, and aerospace cables must commonly perform point to point continuity tests and hipot tests as part of their routine production line tests. The linking of a continuity test and hipot test when voltages exceed 1000 volts has previously only been
  • TA017: Development of a High Voltage mmW GaAs PIN Diode Switch
    of the voltage limitations of this underlying nitride film and the use of test structures to validate the DC characteristics of the physical changes to the circuit dielectric structure along with the results of the final device high temperature qualification is provided. In addition, design and process changes
  • Exploring the Necessity of the Hot Hipot Test
    the strength of the insulation between a product's current-carrying components and its chassis or enclosure. This is done by applying a high voltage from the mains-input lines to the chassis of the product and measuring the resulting leakage current flowing through its insulation. The theory: if a voltage
  • Understanding Electromagnetic Compliance Test in Digital Isolators
    For a system designer working with high voltage and high-voltage isolation, one of the most important tasks is to choose the right digital isolator for the system. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a key consideration on which this choice hinges. An in-depth understanding of how the different
  • AWA Surge Test Pass/Fail Criteria
    be difficult to automate this process. Good windings surge signatures will coincide very closely. These types of electric motors are most often built with rectangular wire, which then become the coils. These are almost always used in medium and high voltage motors. (Example: 2300 Vac, 200 H.P.
  • Hi-L Technique For DC Surge Testing
    This I-Presentation is a short introduction to a new technique that will offer users of high voltage test equipment that have motors with high impedance to view better qualified information about DC machines. This technique is designed to look at certain types of DC windings operated with direct
  • Circuit Ideas: How to parallel regulator modules for high-current supplies
    It's often necessary to connect pointof- load (POL) dc/dc power supply modules in parallel to get a sufficiently high-current output for applications such as test instruments, blade servers, and so forth. Fully integrated POL power modules have a built-in inductor, power MOSFET, PWM controller
  • Reduce Load Capacitance in Noise-Sensitive, High-Transient Applications, through Implementation of Active Filtering (.pdf)
    Power architects engaged in designing systems requiring low output noise and fast transient response, such as RF Transmitters, Power Amplifiers, Test Systems, Displays, designs supporting low voltage ASICs and Laser Diode Transmitters, understand that when attempting to tailor power systems to meet

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