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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HINGE National Microchip CONT Not Provided 1.250
HINGE National Microchip CONT Not Provided 1.062
HINGE National Microchip CONT Not Provided 2.000
HINGE ASAP Semiconductor SEI Not Provided 843783663
HINGE-RHC88 National Microchip BLK Not Provided Not Provided
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  • Strength of Hinges
    Not only door dimensions, orientation and position of the center of gravity, but. also the position of the hinges and the tolerances of installing them can have a. profound effect on the load carrying capability of a hinge. Microsoft PowerPoint - strength of hinges.ppt STRENGTH OF HINGES
  • Hinge Optimization
    . To allow or prevent easy removal of the door. To develop the look of the enclosure. To hold a door or cover open (friction type). Microsoft PowerPoint - Hinge overview.ppt HINGES. FUNCTIONS – What a Hinge does. Primary Function: To hold one edge of the door in place as the. opposite edge swings
  • How to Design the Optimum Hinge
    There are two primary types of hinges: 1) a free fit hinge has little to no friction or drag when the latch or handle is rotated. Hinge components are "free" to rotate independent of one another, and 2) a friction fit hinge requires interference to prevent free rotation of components relative
  • Selecting the Right Hinge
    When you're building any sort of enclosure with access to its interior, hinges will be a concern. J.W. Winco - Engineering Tips - Selecting the Right Hinge. Engineering Tips: Selecting the Right Hinge. When you're building any sort of enclosure with access to its interior, hinges will be a concern
  • Positioning with Constant Torque Friction Hinges
    Constant torque friction hinges can provide a cost and space efficient solution for positioning vertically or. horizontally mounted panels. Reell manufactures a wide variety of standard friction hinges, but more importantly,. we can develop a custom hinge specific to your application. REELL
  • Sizing up Hinges
    Real-world analysis prevents premature failure, overdesign, and seal compromise. The question of hinge strength often arises during the design of an enclosure. Determining the strength of the individual hinges is fairly straightforward, but relating the strength predictions to real-life situations
  • Care and feeding of living hinges
    Polypropylene resins are uniquely suited for one-piece integral or living hinges. Due to its toughness and ductility, polypropylene (PP) is uniquely suited for a fastening and joining concept that can't easily be reproduced with other engineering thermoplastics: the integral or living hinge
  • Ten Factors ForSpecifying Hinges
    Incorporating hinges early into designs helps keep costs down and options open. Product Engineer Engineering team for hinges Mounted inside formed doors, a concealed hinge eliminates appearance concerns. Detent hinges are suitable for lightweight applications. A pin-style hinge offers easy lift-off

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