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  • Safety Interlock Switch Selection, Installation, and Maintenance Guidelines
    a hinged guard, consideration of the use of a single piece hinged safety interlock switch is rec-. ommended. These highly tamper resistant, single piece locks typically eliminate key-to-mechanism align-. ment issues.  For hinged safety guards whose design is best suited for a two piece keyed interlock
  • Safeguarding Power Presses with Interlocked Barrier Guards (.pdf)
    . These. Figure 6. devices are designed to detect and locate faults in the. The interlock switch activating key can be mounted. barrier guard safety circuit and its interconnections (see. directly to a movable hinged guard, as this illustra-. Figure 5). tion shows. Should a fault such as a welded or stuck
  • Tampering: a hot topic of machine safety
    introduced on the mar-.  The operator is informed about the operating con-. ket, whose different constructive features con-. dition of the safety equipment (e.g. interlock of the tribute to preventing the tampering of safety. safety guard closed). equipment. This includes for instance the con