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  • Holding Magnets
    Holding Magnets develop high attraction forces to flat magnetic materials. They are used to pick up or hold magnetic materials, and find application in applications ranging from holding of ferromagnetic workpieces during machining or assembly operations, through door latching or holdback devices
  • Smarter gripping
    The addition of analog sensors to pneumatic grippers gives new intelligence about the health and well being of automated processes. A wedge-shaped target is visible in this view of a pneumatic gripper holding sheeted material. When used with an analog inductive proximity sensor, the wedge serves
  • Medical Device Link .
    is supported by low-friction bearings and incorporates electrical drive coils in a lightweight polymer. The forcer surrounds the thrust rod, and is propelled along the thrust rod�s length by digitally controlled magnetic fields. Tools for holding slides and test tubes are mounted directly onto
  • Determining Right Hand or Left Hand Spring Wind Direction
    The direction of wind of a spring can be determined by simply holding it in your hand with your fingers placed around the outside of the body and your thumb pointing straight up. If the last coil ends in the same direction that your fingers are pointing, that is the hand (direction of wind
  • Clutch/brake chops blade power
    single-flux types of the same size. That's important because the mowers have limited space. In single-flux electromagnetic clutches, an armature touches the north and the south poles to complete a magnetic circuit. The double-flux design boosts holding power by virtue of a slotted rotor and armature
  • Insert Categories
    Inserts are classified as two general types: those held in place by external threads and those that use some means other than threads (knurls, grooves, interference fit) for their holding power. Externally threaded inserts can be further divided into three types: These precision coils

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