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  • Ureteroscopy
    Endoscopic management of upper uri- nary tract disease using a 200-micron holmium laser fiber : initial experience in Japan. Urology.
  • Lasers in Dermatology and Medicine
    the laser itself.8,9 Holmium laser fibers are typically available in 200, 365, 550, and 1,000 mm diameters, either in end- or side-firing configuration.
  • Urinary Tract Stone Disease
    release.59 The Escape Tipless NitinolTM basket (Boston Sci- entific) is a 1.9 Fr basket that allows the insertion of a 200 mm holmium laser fiber to fragment the stone in the basket should it become lodged in the ureter.
  • Advanced Endourology
    The routine use of newer ureteroscopic accessories such as ureteral access sheaths, nitinol devices, and 200-μ holmium laser fibers can decrease the strain on the flexible uretero- scopes and significantly increase the longevity (17).
  • A comparison of single use and reusable small core sized holmium:YAG laser fibers: Is there a difference in the risk of fiber failure?
    Single use and reusable small core-sized holmium laser fibers were tested.
  • Thulium fiber laser lithotripsy in an in vitro ureter model
    Saline flow rates through the ureteroscope working channel with the 100-μm-core [244-μm-outer diameter (OD)] TFL and 270-μm-core (464-μm- OD) holmium laser fibers measured 22.7 and 13.5 ml∕ min, respectively.
  • Minimally Invasive Urology
    … Super Stiff) Flexible ureteroscope (Olympus P5 180–270) Semirigid ureteroscope (ACMI Micro-6) Camera and light source Irrigation setup and endoscopic irrigator (Pathfinder, Boston Scientific Single Action Pumping System) Adaptor (Applied Medical Sureseal, US Urology UroSeal) Holmium laser fiber (200 or 270 μm …
  • Interventional Management of Urological Diseases
    The holmium laser fibre in this technique acts much like the index finger of the surgeon during an open prostatectomy to shell out the adenoma.
  • Difficult Cases in Endourology
    Using a 365-m holmium laser fiber and settings of 1.2 J and 15 Hz, we systemati- cally vaporize the stone at the periphery, trying to convert as much of the stone as possible to dust.
  • An integrated fiber and stone basket device for use in Thulium fiber laser lithotripsy
    However, simultaneous application of a standard 270-μm-core Holmium laser fiber (464-μm-OD) and a conventional 1.9-Fr (633-μm-OD) stone basket severely limits saline irrigation rates due to space limitations in the single 3.6 Fr (1 …