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  • Introduction to reflective aberration corrected holographic diffraction gratings
    ," was used to produce a sinusoidal groove pattern on a. glass substrate that had significant performance advantages over its ruled grating counterpart. Further advances. in the holographic manufacturing process have made custom groove profiles and groove shapes possible. Control of the grating
  • Introduction to Reflective Aberration Corrected Holographic Diffraction Gratings (.zip file)
  • High Spatial Resolution Measurement of Volume Holographic Gratings
    The conventional approach for measuring volume holographic gratings typically requires measuring the transmitted and diffracted beams simultaneously while varying the angle of incidence. To obtain the spectral response a tunable laser is used with a fixed angle of incidence. In the former case
  • Compact Self-aligned External Cavity Lasers Using Volume Gratings (.pdf)
    We experimentally demonstrate a compact self-aligned external cavity 25W high power laser diode bar at 976 nm tunable over 0.5 nm with a bandwidth of 0.25 nm. The external cavity is based on double diffraction from a glass reflective volume holographic grating (VHG). The wavelength tuning
  • Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging - Preface
    . The most basic types of holographic methods including analysis of holographic. imaging, magnification, and aberrations are described in this chapter. In succeeding chapters, diffractive optical elements (DOEs), new modes of. imaging, and diffraction in the subwavelength scale are considered
  • Laser Stabilization with PowerLockerTM VHG
    The fine spectral processing capability of volume holographic gratings - holographic media where the grating is physically present the grating is physically present through its volume with a thickness >100 µm - is generating renewed interest for applications in lasers, imaging, communications
  • Single Longitudinal Mode Blue-Violet Laser Diode for Data Storage
    front facet coating, precise alignment, occupy a volume on the order of several cm3 and are prohibitively expensive for any mass markets. In contrast, we propose and experimentally demonstrate an ultra-short external cavity laser based on reflective volume holographic gratings. The main advantages
  • Phase Conjugate Laser Optics - Preface
    . In all these studies, two. distinct materials are employed for the gain medium and the phase conjugate mirror. It is finally shown in Chapter 11 that laser gain media can perform phase conjugation. by using gain saturation as the nonlinear mechanism. Self-adaptive holographic loop. resonators

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