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  • Introduction to reflective aberration corrected holographic diffraction gratings
    groove shape makes aberration correction possible. This new design parameter has made. possible a new class of instrument designs, aberration corrected concave grating designs. ��. Introduction to reflective aberration corrected holographic. diffraction gratings. By Steve Slutter, Wu Jiang, and Olivier
  • Introduction to Reflective Aberration Corrected Holographic Diffraction Gratings (.zip file)
  • Introduction to Volume Holographic Gratings (VHG)
    glasses. Each holographic medium has its own. advantages and disadvantages with respect to photosensitivity, dynamic range (or maximum. index modulation), post-exposure processing or development, material deformation, grating. lifetime, and size. Transmission and reflection gratings. Generally, VHG's can
  • High Spatial Resolution Measurement of Volume Holographic Gratings
     grating, narrow linewidth filter. 1. INTRODUCTION. Volume holographic reflection gratings have been shown to be an extremely accurate and temperature-stable means. of filtering a narrow passband  of light from a broadband spectrum.  This technology has been demonstrated in. practical applications
  • A Novel Tunable Diode Laser Using Volume Holographic Gratings (.pdf)
    holographic gratings, self-aligned,. passive alignment. 1. INTRODUCTION. State-of-the-art Littrow and Littman external cavity lasers (ECL) use an angularly dispersive surface diffraction grating. as the frequency selective element and a rotation scheme to provide wavelength tuning [1]. Although
  • Laser Tuning with Diffraction Gratings
    with Diffraction Gratings: Technical Note 1. Figures 4 and 5 show typical efficiency curves for two popular plane holographic gratings, with groove. frequencies of 1800 g/mm and 2400 g/mm. The curves are measured near Littrow. Figure 6 gives some insight into the decrease in S-plane efficiency as the incidence
  • Compact Self-aligned External Cavity Lasers Using Volume Gratings (.pdf)
    We experimentally demonstrate a compact self-aligned external cavity 25W high power laser diode bar at 976 nm tunable over 0.5 nm with a bandwidth of 0.25 nm. The external cavity is based on double diffraction from a glass reflective volume holographic grating (VHG). The wavelength tuning
  • Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging - Preface
    . The most basic types of holographic methods including analysis of holographic. imaging, magnification, and aberrations are described in this chapter. In succeeding chapters, diffractive optical elements (DOEs), new modes of. imaging, and diffraction in the subwavelength scale are considered

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