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  • Toward an OSGi-Based Infrastructure for Smart Home Applications
    The main sensors and home appliances in our current implementation include: 1) handheld PDAs equipped with GPS and 802 . 11b ; 2) in-house temperature , sound level, and light sensors; 3) wireless smart cameras; 4) RFID tags and transponders.
  • Practical AVR Microcontrollers
    Just thinking about the AVR level of Smart Home making: you’d need to have everything from a smart bell push for the front door to a smart door sensor , temperature sensors, motion sensors, light sensors, smart locks, entry keypads, lighting controllers... the... Wi-Fi— 802 . 11b /g: This is superficially attractive because you are quite likely to have a• Wi-Fi network in your home already, so what could be neater than having your Smart Home devices tap into it?
  • Expert .NET Micro Framework
    ...39 HiCO.ARM9-SBC development board, 40 highlighting, selected list box items, 331 home automation, 206 HorizontalAlignment... ...major features of, 40 I² C serial bus, 108—121 Bluetooth and, 204 emulating, 367, 436—441 .NET Micro Framework programming and, 110 pin reservation and, 105 TMP100 temperature sensor and, 114— 119 I2cBus... ...IDisposable interface, 92 IEEE 802 . 11b (wireless LAN), 203 IEEE...
  • Home Automation products
    The Mobile Companion wireless device allows homeowners to access and control home lighting, security, HVAC, and whole... The 2 1/2-pound, 8 1/2-inch-high device features an enclosed wireless 802 . 11b card, touch screen display with on-screen keyboard, stylus, and recharging cradle and also allows Internet browsing. An indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensor features internal circuitry coated to resist moisture and can be used to sense and control temperature and humidity in any room or outbuilding.
  • Experimentation of networked vehicle with multihomed mobile router
    sensor boxes such as GPS box, temperature box, and direction box. The sensed information is stored at a sensor box and can be accessed directly to the sensor... As the wireless network access technology, 802 . 11b and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO (1xEV-DO) are used along with two different frequencies 800MHz and 2GHz. A home agent for all the mobile routers is placed at the KEIO University (WIDE 6-bone...
  • A life log collector integrated with a remote-controller for enabling user centric services
    WiFi( 802 . 11b ), Bluetooth, IrDA Input/output GPS receiver, Temperature Sensor , Acceleration sensor, Microphone, Speaker Battery ...the logs of remote controller signals, we can know selected TV channels, time turned on/off, home appliance .
  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Technology Protocols and Applications
    RFID (radio-frequency identification) systems, light switches, fire and smoke detectors, thermostats, and, home appliances. In the early 2000s, sensor device suppliers were researching ways of introducing standardization. WNs typically transmit small volumes of simple data (e.g., ‘‘Is the temperature at the set level... For within-building applications, designers ruled out Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity, IEEE 802 . 11b ) standards for sensors as being too complex and supporting more bandwidth than is actually needed for typical sensors.
  • Progress in Robotics
    Currently we are working in the prototype implementation of other sensors such as ultrasound and temperature sensors to increase the knowhow of the ambient intelli- gence to provide the features of a smart room facility constructed in one of our re- search... De Silva, L.C., Mathew, S.: Energy Efficient Smart Homes . Lach, C., Punchihewa, A., De Silva, L.C., Mercer, K.: Smart Home System Operating Remotely Via 802 . 11b /g Wireless Technology.
  • GDA Technologies Announces Availability of Bali Reference Board Based on Fre...
    ...building automation, medical diagnostics and ultrasound applications, surveillance and security systems, and digital home and gaming products. ...input, Realtek RTL8201 10/100BT PHY, two high speed USB 2.0 OTG Ports, 802.11 B/G and Blue tooth wireless module, AC’97 audio codec with built in touch screen support , I2C based EEPROM for configuration and temperature sensor (optional), and I2C based... The Bali Reference Board also includes a dual radio module conforming to IEEE 802 . 11b /g wireless LAN and Bluetooth version 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate, providing the best of both wireless LAN and Bluetooth in a compact package.
  • The Potential for Location-Based Services with Wi-Fi RFID Tags in Citywide Wireless Networks
    ...also be utilized to show status messages, telling whether the user is at home , at work or... This type of tag includes a 2.4GHz IEEE 802 . 11b transceiver for communication with the network and a low frequency, short-range 125kHz re- ceiver, which can be utilized when programming the tag. The tag also contains a motion sensor and has optional features like temperature sensor and call button [15].
  • Home networking with IEEE 802.15.4: a developing standard for low-rate wireless personal area networks
    This trend follows from the wider availability of cheaper and highly integrated wireless compo- nents and the success of other wireless commu- nication technologies such as cellular and Wi-Fi™, IEEE 802 . 11b . Various in- home applications are driving the need for communications. Consider a small temperature sensor at a window.
  • Intelligent Control and Automation
    ...powerful graphical interface created with standard 3D program- ming tools to control and supervise the home [6]. The mobile intelligence controller communicates with the ECG sensor using RS232. Also, the mobile intelligence controller uses the user’s facial expression, room temperature , pulse, body temperature, and iris... All sen- sor data is acquired through wireless (IEEE 802 . 11b ) and RS232 communication.
  • Communication and Networking
    With mobile collaboration application, we used the environment information from sensors such as temperature , humidity and illuminometer. Wireless Network 802 . 11b AP or Bluetooth Dongle Home Server .
  • Design and implementation of a framework for building distributed smart object systems
    Later that night, Alice came home, reorganized her new entertainment room with the lamp (ambient-light profile), augmented the window with room- temperature profile and coffee table with ambient-noise profile... ...all these profiles and the application using her home FedNet system. The profile comes with six force sensors and three photo sensors. The Gumstix runs Linux and has Bluetooth and IEEE 802 . 11b interfaces.
  • Design and realization of wireless node for drilling field data collection--《Petroleum Instruments》2009年03期
    Home |Journal Papers|About CNKI|User Service|FAQ|Contact Us|中文 ...a wireless transmission mode is introduced by improving on drilling field data collection sensor which is adopted... The comparsion of a few wireless transmission modes indicates that drilling field data can transmit by wireless networks used CC1010 with 802 . 11b (Wi-Fi). An example of collecting the data of mud temperature is presented.Finally,the transmission data mode is...