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  • Journal of Propulsion and Power > Ionic Propulsion Based on Heated Taylor Cones of Ionic Liquids
    Our present objective is therefore not only to test some of the heavier commercially available ionic liquids for their electrical propulsion characteristics, but also to achieve larger ion currents. After the voltage is interrupted with a homemade switch at time t = 0, one can record the...
  • Hydration Structure of a Nafion Membrane in a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
    A homemade PEFC designed for the spectroscopic analysis was prepared. Argon ion laser beam tuned to be wavelength of 514.5 nm was introduced into the aperture. 46th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit 25 - 28 July 2010, Nashville, TN .
  • Investigation of the onset voltage for the design of a microfabricated colloid thruster
    Experiments conducted on the homemade microcolloid thrusters, designed based on the proposed onset voltage estimation, verify the... ...specific impulse ability, the colloid thruster appears to be an alternative to the conventional ion engine [2]. the colloid thruster was not high enough to meet the needs of propulsions for spacecrafts in...
  • noun.artifact (
    ...takes attendance and does other administrative business) } { [ homespun, adj.all:rough^homespun,+ adj.all: homemade ^homespun,+ ] fabric,@... ...alternating current) } { iodochlorhydroxyquin, Clioquinol, antifungal,@ (drug used to treat certain fungal infection (as athlete's foot)) } { iodoform, triiodomethane, antiseptic,@ (a yellowish crystalline solid with a penetrating odor; sometimes used as an antiseptic dressing) } { ion _engine, reaction- propulsion _engine,@ (a type...
  • Continued investigations into techniques producing selective chemical reactions on surfaces and target spheres and related studies. Final report
    the propulsion unit that inspired the second generation design is shown was motivated by the high ion currents available from the ion rocket, cup assembly were constructed entirely of " homemade " components.
  • Laser Diagnostics of Combustion Enhancement on a CH4/Air Bunsen Flame by Dielectric Barrier Discharge still one of the most critical keynotes in high-speed air- breathing propulsion vehicles duo to... ...The reason is that plasma can produce large amounts of free elec- trons, ions , active radicals and... ...experiment, the high-voltage (HV) signals used for discharging were supplied by a homemade HV alternating cur- .
  • Strategy and structure in the car industry
    ...18.09.2007. o. V. (2006b): More and more cars undercut with alternative drive , trade sheet, publish... o. V. (2007b): "Blue smoldering ion " accommodates for the environmental-VW the publish 3,9-liter... o. V. (2008h):: the Meinig-crisis of the car industry is ATZ home - made online, publish down .
  • Sulfur and oxygen isotopic compositions of the dissolved sulphate in the meteoric water in Chuncheon, Korea
    ...of meteoric water (rain + snow) were collected at each precipitation event with a homemade sampler placed at... the Seoul Branch of the Korean Basic Science Institute (KBSI) and an ion chro- matograph (IC... ...measured with Finnigan Conflo III and Finnigan MAT 253 SIR-MS in Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in...
  • Chemotaxis
    In 1676, he lovingly described the movements of the little animalcules he saw with his homemade microscopes. Propulsion by recip- rocal motion – fast in the power stroke and slow on the return –... Flagellar rotation is driven by an inward ion current, usually of H+ or Na+ , through a motor...
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    ...homage homaged homager homages homaging home homebuilt homed homeless homelessness homelier homeliness homely homemade homemaker homemaker's homemakers... ...involvements involver involves involving invulnerable invulnerableness inward inwardly inwardness inwards inwrought ioctl iodine ion ions irate irately... ...propositioning propositions propound propounded propounder propounding propounds proprietary proprietor proprietor's proprietors propriety props propulsion propulsion's propulsions pros...