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    Hoppers - (467 companies)
    ...are designed so that stored materials can be dumped from the bottom of the hopper. Dumpers and self-dumping hoppers are included in this category. Live hoppers or live-bottom hoppers use hydraulically or mechanically actuated augers or screws to help discharge... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Vibrators - (143 companies)
    ...turbine vibrators are designed to move fine, dry materials in bins, hoppers, chutes, screens, and feeders. Specialized railway vibrators are used to unload dry bulk material from bottom-dump rail cars. Industrial vibrators are also used to remove air... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Scales and Balances - (995 companies)
    ...and stable. Expansion trays and tare containers can be useful for measuring large or bulk items. Roadway vehicle scales typically require the vehicle to be positioned on skids or a weighbridge, and railway cars are loaded onto rails integrated to the track... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    DIN Rail - (72 companies)
    DIN rails and DIN rail clips and brackets are used on computer boards. DIN is an acronym for Deutsche Institute fuer Normung, a German standardization body and member of ISO. DIN rails and DIN rail clips and brackets are used on computer boards. DIN... Learn More
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    Rail Services - (167 companies)
    ...and control. Typically, these locomotives are diesel, electric, or diesel-electric. Railcars include boxcars, freight cars, and flat cars; gondolas and hoppers; coal cars and refrigerated cars; and tankers or tank cars. Freight management services... Learn More
  • Linear Guides and Rails - (213 companies)
    Guide / Rail Types. Guide or rail choices for linear guides and rails include low profile, crossed roller rail, miniature guide, radial or curved, linear motion guide, M/V style rail, round shaft, spline shaft, track system, T shaped, twin shaft... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Rails - (15 companies)
    ...mounting system. There are many different types of optical rails. Examples include aluminum optical rails, steel optical rails, optical bases, and optical rail enclosures. An aluminum optical rail is a rail made up of aluminum and is durable in nature... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Steel Rail - (30 companies)
    Steel rail is a form of steel fixed stock with a tee shaped rail profile for construction of railway tracks, which support and guide transit or railcar wheels. They have a special correctional profile that is designed to be used as train or tram... Learn More
  • Forklifts - (684 companies)
    ...for the driver. Some forklifts are counterbalanced to prevent the vehicle from overturning. Others include hand rails, safety rails, or a rotating element such as a turntable. Truck-mounted forklifts are mounted or mountable on the back or bed... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rolling Stock (locomotives and railcars) - (44 companies)
    Rolling stock and rail vehicles includes powered and unpowered rail vehicles such locomotives, railroad cars, railway vehicles, coaches or passengers vans, wagons or freight cars, ballast hoppers, switchers, baggage car or luggage vans, and cabooses... Learn More
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  • Economic feasibility study of a wood gasification-based methanol plant: A subcontract report
    Scalper Feed Conveyor Dryer Feed Conveyor Fines Conveyor Stored Fines Conveyor Dried Fines Conveyor Truck Scale Tractor Shovel Reclaim Hopper and Chain Conveyor Magnetic Separator Scalping Screen Primary... ...Dried Chips Storage Silo and Reclaimer Gravimetric Feeder Rail Car Weigh Scale (optional) Fines... a Screen dimensions only, does not include discharge hopper.
  • Management of dry flue gas desulfurization by-products in underground mines. Technical progress report, 1 January--31 March 1994
    The container is flexible enough to conform to the centersill and hopper bays of rail cars , and durableenough to withstand the rigors of use in the coal and railroadindustries. The CIC dimensions are 10 feet high and 9 feet 2 inches in diameter.
  • Intelligent system for real-time prediction of railway vehicle response to the interaction with track geometry
    One difficulty in using the coupled model is the specification of vehicle dimensions , Wand L. As described in the section on the roll and pitch models, the value of’W is distance between the rail surface inputs (chosen as 59.5 inches) and L... ...axle of the vehicle (which for the 100-ton hopper car is 278 inches).
  • Vitrified waste option study report
    ...15 ft 2.4 in Shield Name Source Shield 1 Ak Gap Shields Dimension 2.94*07... Bottom-discharge rail hopper cars will' discharge glass frit into a sub-grade hopper oulside 1he VF.
  • Blast-furnace charging system
    ...designed to receive, store, and average the charge materials and is serviced by car dumpers or grab... The dimensions and exact equipment used in an ore yard depend on the capacity of the blast... The charge materials are transported to the hopper gantry from piles, waggon-tippers, railcars, or cooling stations... At least three rail spurs lead to the upper level.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, April 28, 2011 > [76 FR 23714] Railroad Safety Appliance Standards
    Finally, in 1910 the third Safety Appliance Act was passed requiring that all rail vehicles be equipped... ...Appliance Act also directed the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to designate the number, dimensions , locations, and manner... This order, as amended, designated the number, dimensions, location, and manner of application for safety appliances on box cars , hopper cars, gondola cars, tank cars, flat cars, cabooses, and locomotives.
  • Code of Federal Regulations > Title 49 - Transportation > Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration > [49 CFR Part 174] Carriage by Rail
    3) Packed in boxes or crates of such dimensions as to prevent their overturning; or (b) Specification DOT-4L (§ 178.57 of this subchapter) cylinders being transported in a rail car must be loaded in an upright position and be securely braced. However, they may not be transported in hopper bottom cars.
  • Interface - The Journal of Wheel/Rail Interaction
    As stated, when the truck center distance is close to the rail joint spacing (39 feet, nominal... Thus, longer cars , and cars with articulated joints are not as susceptible to harmonic rocking. Hopper cars tend to have higher CG heights due to the voids formed by the slope sheets. While spring stiffness is nominally fixed, depending on the car weight and dimensions , damping levels can vary...
  • Variances in Sampling Streams of Coal
    As coal is loaded onto a sta- tionary pile, truck, rail car , barge, or vessel, the larger pieces tend to roll down the sides of the stationary mass more so than the smaller pieces. Hoppers not designed for mass flow create size segregation. assumed that all masses under consideration, large or small, are of contained dimensions perpendicular to the...