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Parts by Number for Hose Cutter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PXC098R PLC Radwell Freelin Wade Not Provided RED HOSE CUTTER
30007111 PLC Radwell Legris Not Provided TUBE & HOSE CUTTER
117 Global Industrial General Tools & Instruments Co. Llc Not Provided Trigger Action Plastic Pipe And Hose Cutter
119 Global Industrial General Tools & Instruments Co. Llc Not Provided Plastic Pipe And Hose Cutter (1-5/8")
91153 Global Industrial Gates Not Provided Gates ® Hand Held Hose Cutter 91153
1191 Global Industrial General Tools & Instruments Co. Llc Not Provided Ratcheting Plastic Pipe & Hose Cutter (1-5/8")
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    Tubing cutter features variable feed rates Flexibility is one of the key characteristics of a rotary-blade tubing cutter. The WC600D unit from (Syracuse, NY, USA) is designed to cut flexible nylon-reinforced polyurethane and PVC hose, rubber hose, and other materials measuring between 12.7 and 28.5
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    Recent developments in tube-processing and catheter fabrication equipment Hose vulcanization line minimizes deformation risk A vulcanization line for the production of hoses from silicone rubber consists of vertical and horizontal sections and is designed to overcome problems of deformation
  • Continuously Mixing One Batch at a Time
    also had to be easy to thoroughly clean, and this one is. "It's gorgeous, " says the team leader. "The bearings are self-cleaning, and the machine is easy to clean. We just remove the top, the two bed knives, and the classifying screen, and that's it. We hose it down with hot water, scrub
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    , according to the manufacturer. Rotary blade cutter processes 12.7- to 28.5-mm-diam flexible tubing. Materials such as flexible polyurethane, flexible PVC, and nylon-reinforced and rubber hose from 12.7 to 28.5 mm diam can be cut to very tight specifications using a rotary blade cutter. The WC601D
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    from Zumbach Electronics AG (Orpund, Switzerland), together cover an extrusion size range of 5 -100-mm OD. They provide fully noncontacting in-line wall-thickness measurement of tubing, hose, and cable jackets. Full process control becomes possible when a scanner is used in conjunction
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    or autoclaved, and offers resistance to temperature extremes from –100° to 500°F. Medical-grade versions Silcon Medical and Silcon Med-X are cleanroom-produced from silicone elastomer that meets USP Class VI requirements. Custom colors and sizes, braid-reinforced silicone hose, and vacuum-rated silicone
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    , nylon-reinforced hose, and rubber hose having an outside diameter within the operational range of 12.7 -28.5 mm. Manufactured by The Eraser Company, Inc. (Syracuse, NY, USA), the WC601D cutting system features a choice of feed rates to optimize productivity and accuracy. The operator can select which of five
  • Medical Device Link . Technology news
    such as this one at substantial savings, he adds. Flow sensors are available with threaded, hose-barb, and custom connectors; a variety of electronic controls can be supplied for easy integration of the sensors into flow-monitoring and dosing systems. The company also offers these sensors in fibre-optic