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...the USB connector on the back of your machine and plug the USB connector into it. The rectangular socket is a typical USB socket on the back of a PC. A typical USB connector, called an "A" connection. A typical USB Extension connector, called an "A Female " connection. If it is a new device...

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  • Contour behavior in the pattern-VEP
    Dr. S. of Priglinger, hospital of Merciful Brnder A-4020 Linz, Seilerstatte 2. * It Ramachandrans are still referred [4] to investigations that detect psychophysisch through the arising of a raumlichen vision from sinusformiger gray step distribution an edge profile analysis (Gegenuberstellung of rectangular and of sinusformiger contours by constant contrast).
  • Over the transformation of the Calcaneusarchitektur
    linke FuB stands orthogonally to the submarine henkel. The left pointing joint has eiue minimum DrehFghigkeit and can be plantarfiektiert about 5 degrees .: After multiple vain attempts entschlog to eliminate the unertragliehen pains (congestion... wish yon freundlieherweise -- the Pat. lay the Liinge in the hospital Bethesda-betri ~ gt...
  • Abstracts the 58. annual convention 2009 the Norddeutschen Orthopäden association e.V. 18.?20. June 2009, CCH? Congress center Hamburg
    2 Auguste�Viktoria�Klinik �rthop�disches hospital G��bH, Allge��eine�disches, hospital G��bH, Allge��einedisches, hospital G��bH, Allge��eine �rthop�die and Rheu��aorthop�die, bath �eynhausen... Thereby w�rde a transverse s�btrochant�re�rere osteotomy without external Fixier�ng by zement�reier degree shaft prosthesis with rectangular Q�erschnitt �Alloclassic�SL gew�hlt.�hlt.hlt.) method: � patients with Dysplasiecoxarthrose �nd of high H�ftl�xation ����ftl�xation ���ftl�xation ��� patients type III �) retrospectively years postoperative in the...
  • Further contributions to Appendicitis
    As the doctor became itself the fibers the diagnosis not clearly, it brought Pat. into the hospital . By the pale boy that strongly moans stands diffracted almost orthogonally the right leg in the Htifte... Temperature 38,4 Degrees .
  • A contribution to traumatic Plexus brachialis-paralyses and operational treatment of which
    Until on the day of the passing into the Marie hospital the right arm is gelS.hint... ...adduziert in the shoulder joint on the K6rper and the groove in low degree yon can actively... Becomes in the elbow same held gekriimmt almost orthogonally ; the active mobility in the same has gone...
  • Over weft violations in peace
    On the n/ichsten day it was provided in in the hospital . Temperature 37,6 Degrees . the joint orthogonally diffracted, fixed st~ndig unterstfitztund with the healthy hand to the thorax.
  • Vernetzt-kooperative planning processes in the Constructive engineer construction
    ...image 3.3 shows the in advance imported conceptual design plan of a hospital floor in ArchiCAD. The semantic object is characterized by the completed rectangle in the upper right corner as complex. ...can refine arbitrarily the semantic object or blind in the surrounding semantic object as further abstraction stage .
  • Proposal for an innerklinisches Intensivpatienten- and emergency patient-transport system
    ...on the consideration of the total situation and must be discussed with the hospital hygienists and representatives... ...perpendicularly extends of the bottom to the ceiling and of two round or rectangular tubes of stainless... ...compound between bed or Stretcher and docking cars and a special construction for step overcoming up to...
  • North American hospitals
    The class is no exception also in the general Krankenh ~ iusern of the latest construction well... I) ie basic reef ian order of the American hospital is bet of all apparent diversity and complication a ~ iul3erst primitive and economical, because, it has as basic element almost ausschlielMich two-sided roll ausgeniitzten middle floor yon 2--3 m... Gentigt the simplest basic form, the elongated rectangle with MitteKlur not, so, these bilaterally occupied middle floors...
  • Electrical therapy: automated external defibrillators Kardioversion, defibrillation, and pacemaker therapy
    ...effectiveness by monophasischem shock J for the first shock is recommended an energy stage of 360 by... ...frequent by monophasischem high energy shock, but are mostly temporarily and influence the hospital dismissal rate not... ten amounts to shocks with 120 J by rectangular pulse up to 85  (not published data...