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...internal structures. Deformed grain are characterized by high GOS and high GAM. values due to higher Geometrically Necessary Dislocation (GND) content in them, recrystallized. grains on the other hand have low GOS and low GAM values as they are relatively free of. internal dislocations. A hot rolled...

The electron field-emission properties of carbon nanotubes enable the fabrication of cold. cathodes for a variety of vacuum device applications. The utilization of these cathodes is. an attractive alternative for the replacement of thermionic or hot cathodes for generating. X-rays. Miniature X-ray...

...cracks are more likely to fail. Examples of tests conducted by customers: Dry Heat/ Steady State. Assemblies powered in a hot dry environment to. accelerate the breakdown of the capacitors. Damp Heat/ Steady State. Assemblies powered in a hot humid environment to try. to drive moisture into the crack...

...a material that closely resembles the composition of an actual ink particle. A method was developed that could produce a stable ink dispersion. Briefly, the method consisted of dispersing the ink in a hot aqueous solution under vigorous agitation, followed by ultrasonic dispersion. The amount of dispersed...

...that Bayesian technology is now the hot new property in the world of expert systems. BIBLIOGRAPHY Berner, Eta S. "Example from S. Andrew Spooner: Mathematical Foundations of Decision Support Systems," in Clinical Decision Support Systems. New York: Springer, 1998. Bloom, Marc J. [on-line] "Processed EEG...

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... that the music video of The Cure's 1988 single "Hot Hot Hot!!!" featured the band made up as "dwarves"?

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Later, other colors grew widely available and also appeared in appliances and equipment.

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It also has a hot stage accessory. Rigaku Theta/2Theta X-Ray Diffractometer This Rigaku is used for stand XRD and Laue photography.

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