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  • The Right Pump for the Job: The Versatility of Hydraulic Submersible Pumps (.pdf)

    When determining a pump for an application, there are a number of factors to consider. Among them are flow requirements, head conditions, suction requirements and dimensional limitations. Hydraulic submersible pumps are an option that offer the added benefit of run dry capability, especially when

  • Eccentric Disc Pump ROI (Mouvex-Blackmer Case Study)

    to Power Seadrill’s West Mira Semi-Submersible Food & Beverage Industry Pump Market NSF International Opens Abu Dhabi Office Upstream Pumping Solutions Editor Lori Ditoro Honored MORE MOST POPULAR ARTICLES >>. Manufacturers & Suppliers. Pumps. Seals. Instrumentation & Controls

  • Binder Transfer in Paint and Coatings

    are line check valves? How do I install them to avoid the upthrust and downthrust that happens with submersible pumps? Pumps. The Importance of Quality Repairs. Industrial equipment is an expensive preliminary expenditure that is followed by an inherent operational and maintenance support cost

  • Hurricane Help

    ). For the Long Run. The company proposed the use of its Model. The utility was able to develop a combined. 12NCCD variable usage, non-clog, vacuum-primed. system that combined the benefits of a hydrau-. 12-in. centrifugal pump. The city requested that. lic submersible pump with a dry-priming cen

  • How to Maintain your Dust Collector

    , expanding regulations have pressured companies to properly design, install, operate and maintain dust collection equipment. To ensure a dust collector is functioning properly, you need to perform periodic inspections, as well as repair and replace damaged or malfunctioning equipment. A routine

  • Selection Of Natural Gas Wellhead Feedthroughs

    to Wellhead, Reliable Sealing is Essential. Extraction techniques vary depending upon the formation geology, but often include downhole electric submersible pumps and a variety of downhole instrument packages requiring power, control and sensor connections. In each application, extreme care must

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  • Re: Two Submersible Pumps in One Well Bore

    Quick recap:- Well Casing diameter=? Could it be a 10" Steel Casing? Submersible Pump diameter (I'd imagine)= 4" PVC Pipe work= 3" (plus any joints in the bore!) Depth of bore= 300ft Depth of water= 200ft Depth to existing pump= 250ft My take on this is if you run the two systems separately e...

  • Re: Sprinkler System Pressure Requirements

    You don't say what the water supply is but only that the pressure tanks have 50 meters of head to overcome. If you are using a submersible pump you may want to consider the new constant pressure pumps now on the market. These pumps ramp up rpms to match the output. You will need to know your total d...

  • Re: Automatic Switch-Off for Electric Water Pump

    If I am reading your question properly, you have a tank at some elevation above your pump. You want to control the pump according to the level in the tank. If that is the question, there are several answers. Some have already indicated the use of floats. That will work fine, however, if the tank...

  • Re: Suction pipe from fountain pump to pool

    If I understand correctly the suction pipe rises 5m above the water level and then runs horizontally for 15m This will exceed the NPSH requirements by a great margin. Air valves will not solve any suction problems. You should lower the pump but that don't seem to be possible without ma...

  • Re: Pump Station and Lift Station

    Are you trying to design a municipal pump station, or are you only constructing one? The two are distinctly different. Learn to engineer it, or learn a construction trade so you can install it (properly). BTW, the pump station included in the link has submersible wastewater handling pumps. Frank...

  • NPSH for the submersible pump

    I need to purchase submersible pump at a platform where the depth of water is 4 mtr there is no vessel or tanks just i need to install the pump in this depth some of vendors have advised that NPSH req of their offered pump is 20 feet and it would be greater than depth of water while some of them ha...

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  • Pump Pre-Start Up Walkthrough

    We are about to startup 3 newly installed pumps. I need to do safety walkthrough to ensure all the safety engineering features of the pumps and around the pumps are ready. Top of my head right now is to check for the following: readiness of the oily water system, readiness of the closed drain system

  • How the Bluefin-21 Searches For Flight 370 Wreckage on the Ocean Floor (Infographic)

    Unmanned submersible uses sonar to scan the ocean floor and return a 3D map to the surface.

  • Research and Markets: Concise Analysis of the International Metering Pump Market

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/sdw642/global_metering) has announced the addition of the "Concise Analysis of the International Metering Pump Market" report to their offering. The increased popularity of digital pumping solutions is a major trend in the Global Metering Pump market. Digital pumps have process controllers and variable speed drives. The advanced digital pumps are capable of detecting flaws in the system such as cavitation

  • Steam Ejector

    Ejectors are mostly used for effecting vacuum. Are ejectors used for pumping liquids? I have come across several get pumps, primarily to act as booster for centrifugal pumps which has suction level beyond 30 feet. But my question is can steam be used in an ejector set-up to pump water? I could p

  • Risks Of Canned Motor Pumps With Molten Sulfur

    Dear friends, Our Client wants to change the existing Centrifugal pumps for molten sulfur service into canned motor pumps. The present Centrifugal pumps have a lot of problem with Mechanical seal. If canned motor pumps is used for molten sulfur service , what all problems may be occured in future.

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PEMO Pumps
Submersed PEMO Pumps

. These pumps are designed for use in deep wells where a vertical pump would be too costly or impossible to install. The unique features of the internal coatings give these pumps a broad range of applications: they can pump any kind of liquid or abrasive slurry with up to 30% suspended solids by weight and particle size up to 20mm in diameter. Pemo Submersed Pumps are installed without masonry or special structures: they can be set on the bottom of the well or hung from a rope, chain or other suspension...

Greyline Instruments, Inc.
Level Controller...Hybrid Pump Station

New Pump and Lift Station Level Controller. Greyline Instruments - Ideal for sewage pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and tank level control with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted above the liquid. The new Greyline PSL 5.0 Level Controller has 6 independently programmable control relays for pump or valve control, level alarms, dialers, temperature alarm and echo-loss alarm. Mount the non-contacting, ultrasonic sensor in the tank or wet well and install the watertight electronics...

Robert J. Fitzmyer Co., Inc.
Submersible Pumps

Robert J. Fitzmyer offers the full line of Gorman-Rupp submersible pumps for open pits and quarries, drilled wells and narrow openings as well as solids-handling models for slurries and debris-laden models.  . View our  submersible pump  line.  .  .