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  • Ceramic Capacitors-Image
    Ceramic Capacitors - (236 companies)
    ...capacitors consist of two electrical conductors separated by a dielectric material, in this case a type of ceramic. They are among the most commonly produced capacitor types. Like other capacitors, ceramic types are used to store potential energy, delay... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Resistors - (836 companies)
    ...resistance value. Color Coding. Resistance values can be shown on an element using color bands which follow a standard color code system. Between three and five bands are placed on the resistor for indication. Bands read from left to right (end to center... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Capacitors - (1293 companies)
    ...accelerators, detonators, cold forming. Capacitor applications. Table credit: Wikipedia. Specifications. Fixed vs. Variable. Capacitors can feature either fixed or variable capacitance. Fixed capacitors simply have a fixed, nonadjustable capacitance value... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ceramic Bearings-Image
    Ceramic Bearings - (98 companies)
    Ceramic hybrid bearings, the most common type of ceramic bearing, are constructed of steel inner and outer rings with ceramic (typically Si3N4) balls in place of steel. Common types of ceramic bearings are angular contact and conrad. Description... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products-Image
    Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products - (176 companies)
    Ceramic tube and ceramic rod products are suitable for use in applications requiring high temperature strength, erosion resistance, electrical or thermal insulation, and other specialized characteristics. Description. Ceramic tube and ceramic rod... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Ceramic Materials - (414 companies)
    How to Select Industrial Ceramic Materials. Industrial ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic compounds that include oxides, carbides, or nitrides. They have high melting points, low wear resistance, and a wide range of electrical properties... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ceramic Balls - (71 companies)
    Ceramic balls are spherical, rolling elements that provide higher stiffness, lower thermal expansion, lighter weight, increased corrosion resistance, and higher electrical resistance than steel balls. They are made from a variety of ceramic... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Chip Capacitors - (222 companies) The following images describe the manufacturing of multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC). Initial (left) and final stages of chip capacitor manufacturing. Image credit: Johnson Dielectrics. Package Standards. Rectangular... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Power Capacitors - (125 companies)
    Capacitors. Selecting power capacitors requires an analysis of dielectric materials. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are polar devices that feature a high volumetric density but cannot withstand reverse voltages. Ceramic capacitors are made of resistive... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Resistor, Capacitor Networks - (142 companies)
    Definition. Resistor, capacitor networks (RC networks) are integrated circuits (ICs) that contain resistor-capacitor arrays in a single chip. Applications. Some resistor, capacitor networks are used to suppress transmission-line effects on high... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • ZCP2001ISTFA447
    This low loss dielectric also affected the IR measurements such that some capacitors would read in the 1010 to 1014 ohm range, while a majority of the parts would show readings in the 1013 to 1014 ohm range. The IR values were high for this particular ceramic body, making it difficult to distinguish a bad or marginal part from a good one.
  • Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers FAQ
    The ability to use 1 Volt test signal is of crucial importance for testing ceramic capacitors (X5R type and similar). The older models used to read about 30% lower than actual capacitance value due to a non-linearity of this type of capacitors.
    CERAMIC CHIP CAPACITORS from that value . For example, a typical IR specification might read �1,000 megohm-microfarads or 100 gigohms, whichever is �
  • Electromagnetic compatibility in the practice
    Abb. A1.3 of impedance of ceramic - capacitors over the frequency to allow, because, at lesser voltages, this value becomes mostly larger also significantly. It is then indicated to question thereto the manufacturer.
    The value is then read in pF. A ceramic disc type capacitor with code 473J printed.
  • EMV
    For such applications, capacitors must a high tan ? or RESR and not like in the literature often to read a low besitzen11. That the impedance by the series resonances thereby becomes larger, is meaningless; because, aren't the bottom values of the impedance process critical but the high one. Electrolytic capacitors one have higher tan ?; therefore, the parallel circuit of a ceramics or film capacitor �
  • FY 2005 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Annual Progress Report for the Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Program
    After this delay time has expired, the program monitors the ESR for a stable reading before the value is recorded to ensure the ESR readings are accurate. Five types of capacitors were tested and will be reported on here. Pennsylvania State University supplied a multilayer glass ceramic capacitor.
  • A low-cost circuit for high-value resistive sensors varying over a wide range
    The capacitance Csens measurement functionality has been tested by inserting commercial ceramic capacitors (5%) in parallel with the 1 G . resistor used for the previous analysis. � sensor parasitic capacitance is normally of the order of a few pF, only values in the range � � referred to full scale (FS), while standard deviation computed over 50 consecutive TC read outs is below �
  • The South Pole Telescope
    � channels has been demonstrated and the limit to the number of channels per read out module is � The high-Q superconducting LC filters use lithographed inductors and commercial NP0 ceramic chip capacitors . All inductors have the same value , so the Q increases with frequency to maintain constant bandwidth.
  • A Novel Interface for Linear Oxygen Sensors
    � Cell impedance is a complex, temperature dependent impedance, which can be modeled as a resistor- capacitor network. Ra, Ca represent the impedance from electrodes to ceramic Rb, Cb represent the grain boundary impedance of � A temperature stabilisation of the sensor can now be established by reading the sensor impedance, comparing it with a target value , and adjusting the heater power.