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  • Human Exposure To Vibration In Buildings (DIN 4150-2:1999-06 & DIN 45669-1:1995-06)
    . The processing and assessment criteria are very similar to often human body vibration methods. DIN45669 and DIN4150 together are used for building vibrations and the procedure uses a weighting known as HBnom. Processing is very different to IS0 6954. For instance IS0 6954, like most human vibration
  • Human-Like Bipedal Walking Robot
    In the world of robotics engineering there are two primary ways to view how a robot walks. Either the robot has to be quasi-statically stable at every moment of movement, or it can walk like a human in a more dynamic manner, where if it stopped half-way through a step it would fall over. The real
  • Alenia Spazio Optimizes Noise & Vibration Performance of Space Systems
    as the micro-gravity and audible noise/human vibration environments induced by the module. Both virtual assessments are essential in optimizing the design of the module, as they enable the implementation of adequate design modifications on the level of the disturbance sources and the structural hardware
  • Vibrations May Deliver Crucial Information To Pilots
    COLUMBUS, Ohio - Researchers at Ohio State University are exploring ways for pilots to monitor automated flight deck systems with their skin instead of just their eyes and ears. The same technology may foster human-machine communication in other domains, said Nadine Sarter, an assistant professor
  • Vibration Monitoring with Delphin TopMessage Systems
    : Application: Additional Information: * Human Verification. What is the next number after 5?. **Your contact information allows us to provide you with pricing information. We never sell or distribute your information. See our Policies page for more information. Need a. Quotation?. Provide some basic
  • Applying Acoustic Vibration Monitoring to Predictive Maintenance
    . Ultrasound is defined as "...sound waves having a frequency above the limits of human hearing, or in excess of 20,000 cycles per second (hertz)." So by definition, ultrasound is totally undetectable by human ears unless aided by instruments capable of translating ultrasound to audible sound
  • Determining Mechanical Properties of the Human Hipbone Through Vibration Measurements (.pdf)
    Non-contact laser Doppler vibrometry is a powerful tool to aid in the study of biomechanics. Recent experiments. to determine the dynamic properties of a pelvic bone relied on deflection measurements from a 3-D scanning laser vibrometer. Excellent results were attained using this measurement
  • Ultrasonic Equivalent Manufacturers use MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor for Precise and Repeatable Vibration Measurements
    the range audible to the human ear, or above approximately 20,000 Hertz. When a part is excited at a frequency it generates energy. The amount of energy is proportional to the frequency and amplitude at which the part moves. The higher the amplitude and frequency, the greater the energy generated

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