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  • Parameter's Approach to Relative Humidity Control and Calibrations

    There are several commercial methods of humidity control that include: ?? Two-Pressure Method (Calibration). ?? Two-Temperature Method (PGC). ?? Steam Injection / DX Dehumidification (Common commercial method). ?? Mixed Stream Method (Calibration). ?? Desiccant Dryer Method. Microsoft Word

  • Verifying Temperature and Humidity Controls in a Wine Cellar

    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the environmental monitoring solution for a homeowner who wanted to check the climate control system installed in his 2-room wine cellar. Accurate temperature monitoring is crucial to wine quality. What the owner needed was an affordable temperature and humidity

  • Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality with Temperature and Humidity control

    Key factors for energy efficiency in indoor applications are the control of Relative Humidity (RH) and temperature levels. The question is, how to achieve acceptable RH. levels in an energy efficient manner. Energy efficient humidity control has a very strong bearing on thermal comfort, Indoor Air

  • Greenhouses - Humidity Control

    Humidity measurement in greenhouses.

  • White Paper: Using Humidity Control in Heat Processing

    Often, it's necessary to do more than simply adding heat to a product to achieve the desired result in heat processing applications. Sometimes it's beneficial to increase and control the relative humidity to reduce the drying effect of convection heating. This article explains the techniques

  • Criteria for Obtaining Specified Humidity and Temperature Conditions

    Providing a specified humidity and temperature for testing or process control can. be difficult and reaching the TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper. Industry) prescribed testing atmosphere of 23°C +1°/50% RH ±2% can be close. to impossible. Even TAPPI acknowledges, "the required

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  • humidity controller

    humidity controller circuit and schematic diagram...

  • Converting an ADC Value to Equivalent Temperature?

    I'm working on a humidity controller which also controls the temperature inside a chamber.I'm done with the hardware (though i'm not the one behind the design)and which was originally designed with a 12 bit external ADC and an 89s52 uc and I replaced both with PIC 16F877A uc and I use the 10 bit int...

  • Re: Waste Heat Recovery

    There are many opportunities for waste heat recovery. I have designed and installed some 1500 such systems. Many of these were industrial processes. To assist you anyone with such knowledge will require more details on your process such as the volume, temperature and content of the waste heat stream...

  • Re: Building Automation System

    It is reasonably simple to get the basics. But seriously, it is really odd for you to be asking this on here. You need professional help, and there is no substitute for it. Automation systems (for HVAC) are typically sold on a 'point' basis. A point is an input or output on your system. It...

  • Re: Expertise Needed - Residential Construction Project

    I'm glad to see we're on the right track. At least it appears so from what you posted since we have been over most of those topics repeatedly....except the thing about the 3-phase pumps. We only have single phase available. The system is relatively complex for a residential application but I created...

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Parameter Generation & Control, Inc.
Temperature and Humidity Control Reach-In Chambers

The Parameter 7000 series chambers feature our unique humidity control system that enables the user to attain unsurpassed levels of RH/temperature control and uniformity. Parameter's test chambers are designed to accurately produce the temperature and humidity conditions required for applications including stability studies, package testing, TAPPI, MIL-SPEC, and vapor transmission. Applications for the 7000 Series reach-in chamber units include: Pharmaceutical development and manufacturing...

Smart Fog
Humidifiers for Precise Humidity and ESD Control

Packed was hygienic features, Smart Fog'scommercial humidifier  is ideal for clean room environments. The commercial humidifier controls electrostatic discharge, maintains precise relative humidity control with energy-efficient evaporative cooling. In addition, the humidifier can be utilized to disinfect and sanitize the targeted environment. For clean rooms and laboratories it is critical for the air to be clean of particles and contamination. Smart Fog utilizes filters to ensure the air...

Associated Environmental Systems
Temperature Humidity Chambers

Temperature/Humidity Chambers are offered by Associated to program controlled conditions of combined temperatures and relative humidity. The HD-200 series utilizes a two stage mechanical refrigeration system capable of producing dry bulb temperatures as low as -100 °F/-73 °C. The HD-200 series has a low temperature capability (dry bulb) of -100 °F/-73 °C. The high temperature systems in these series consist of stainless steel finned heaters which are non-corrosive...