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Parts by Number for Humidity Probe Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HE-67P3-0N00P Global Industrial Johnson Controls Inc Not Provided He-67p3-0n00p Truerh ™ Duct Probe Humidity Element With Temperature Sensors
HE-67N3-0N00P Global Industrial Johnson Controls Inc Not Provided He-67n3-0n00p Truerh ™ Duct Probe Humidity Element With Temperature Sensors
HE-67S3-0N00P Global Industrial Johnson Controls Inc Not Provided He-67s3-0n00p Truerh ™ Duct Probe Humidity Element With Temperature Sensors
TCORD-10 Global Industrial Leviton Mfg Co., Inc Not Provided Leviton Tcord-10 Temperature & Relative Humidity Probe - Min Qty 2
5029 Global Industrial Cooper-Atkins Corporation Not Provided Cooper Mfm300 Humidity Probe, 5029
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  • Measuring in High Humidity & Condensing Environments - Warmed Probe Technology (.pdf)
    is available in non-warmed-. sensor. Warmed probe technology can improve humidity. probes too. XHEAT can be thought of as a “final defense”. measurement performance in saturated environments. In. against rapidly increasing humidity levels that might wet the. order to avoid condensation problems, heating
  • Humidity in Ventilation Systems
    . humidity,. the. distance. point and remove humidity by. between the humidifier and the. condensation. In most cases it All these methods require fre-. measurement probe must be. is necessary to reheat the air quent cleaning. Also, the pass-. sufficient for the air to have. afterwards via a heating
  • Choosing the Proper Equipment for Pharmaceutical Stabililty Room Humidity and Temperature Mapping
    mapping point. Computer access to each point confirms whether or not a stability test is ready to. commence or not. Once the probes are in place no door openings are required to. download data before the next test starts. As mentioned above the digital humidity. probes can be verified against
  • Parameter's Approach to Relative Humidity Control and Calibrations
    is also useful in calibration when relatively large chambers are. required for either quantity of probes or physical size of sensors such as hygrothermographs. Parameter. will provide a precise control and tight uniformity, but the calibration chamber will require a precise. humidity standard to provide
  • Available Humidity, Dew Point, and Moisture Sensors, Probes & Connectors
    ,. ?? Hygrometric Air Humidity Measurement,. ?? Dielectric Measurement of Moisture in Materials,. ?? Measurement of the Moisture in Materials According to the Principle of Conductivity,. ?? Dew Point Determination with CCC Dew Point Probes,. ?? Dew Point Determination with Dew Point Mirrors. Capacitive
  • The Importace of Measuring Building Humidity: Best Practices for Sensor Selection
    eliminate time consuming. and costly factory calibration while reducing downtime during service intervals. For example, a duct-mount style humidity transmitter’s probe is easily accessed. by taking off the front cover, pulling out the probe, and replacing the sensor tip. No calibration is needed because
  • Humidity in Clean Rooms
    , it is possible. • Up to 100 meters with. collection point, it would be. to place an extension cable. the signal booster. best to have the probe re-. between both the probe and. mote to the transmitter and. HF5 transmitter. Rotronic products: with protection-filter cap (red). Humidity and temperature
  • Monitoring Engine Temperature/Humidity in Storage Using a Modbus Gateway
    to the end wall about 15 ft from the ground in each of the warehouses. 3 E1-32 Temperature and RH% Probes were also supplied by CAS DataLoggers for connection with each wireless gateway 's 4-20 mA inputs, monitoring temperature from 0-100 C (32-212 F) and humidity from 3-95% RH. Users stripped the probe

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