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  • Discussion topics and threads on thermal spray
    Could anybody help with an HVOF ther- mal spray tape resistant to WC particles sprayed with a JP5000 gun?
  • In the news
    There is a tape for every purpose, including HVOF , metal or ceramic plasma spraying , and grit blasting.
  • Selected patents related to thermal spraying
    A masking tape for use in masking a part in a high- velocity oxyfuel ( HVOF ) plasma spray process.
  • Influence of Grit Blasting on the Roughness and the Bond Strength of Detonation Sprayed Coating
    One reason for such a scenario is that HVOF /DSC coatings exhibit bond strength considerably higher than that of air plasma spray coatings and as a result, the commonly … off adherence test carried out using epoxy tape and as per ASTM…
  • Influence of Bond Coats on the Microstructure and Mechanical Behaviors of HVOF-Deposited TiAlNb Coatings
    Table 2 Spraying parameters of HVOF Ti28.15Al63.4Nb8.25Y coatings. .... Coating tape Flow of air, L/min Flow of oxygen, L/min Flow of propane, L/min Spray distance, mm…
  • Thermal syringes of vanadiumkarbidverstärkter ferrous base layers
    …Balashov L., J. Gollnick, stone, S. Kondapalli, A. Wank, E. Deppe, T. Schnick, HVOF sprayed high chromium .... In: convention band "Internationally Thermal spray Conference", 4.-6.
  • Product News
    …Corporation, replace cumbersome and costly labor-intensive, multi- step processes that use adhesive tapes or solvent-based .... Speedmax UV temporary masking resins provide thorough and effective surface protection from contamination caused by acids, alkalines, plating solutions, and ambient debris from air plasma spray , HVOF , grinding, peening, and grit blasting used during surface treatment processing.
  • In the news
    As to HVOF, up to a year ago there really wasn't a good tape for this process; a lot of tape companies were experimenting with tapes , but they couldn't come up … the heat and velocity of HVOF , so we used fabricated .... Once cured, it will retain its shape and can withstand grit blasting and thermal spray applications.
  • 15th International thermal spray conference and exhibition 25–29 May 1998, Nice, France
    …Reclamation ofCast Iron and Aluminum Alloys Sub- strates with NiCu Films Deposited by Tape Casting, Ley- lavergne .... Droplet Flattening during Thermal Spraying at Off-Nor- mal Angles, Sobolev V.V.,Guilemany J.M. 93. .... Influenceof Mechanical and Thermal Behaviourof Stain- less Steel PowderParticlesduring High VelocityOxy-Fuel ( HVOF ) Spraying on Properties of…
  • Deposition and Characterization of HVOF Thermal Sprayed Functionally Graded Coatings Deposited onto a Lightweight Material
    M. Hasan, J. Stokes, L. Looney, and M.S.J. Hashmi, Residual Stress Determination in HVOF Thermal Sprayed Aluminum/Tool-Steel Functionally Graded Coatings, 21st International Manufacturing Conference, Limerick, Ireland, 2004, p 299–304 13. .... S. Hascicek, Thermal Analysis of High Temperature ZrO2 Insulation Ceramic Coatings on Ag Tapes Used as Sheath…
  • In the news
    This 8- tape video series from ASM In- ternational covers:. .... 9 Equipment and theory: combustion and electric arc: Thermal spray history, basic theory of coating processes, porosity, bonding, application, combustion spray processing and equipment, wire-arc spray processing and equipment, material feed, deposit characteristics, HVOF .
  • Cold spray and presureless sintering of zirconium phosphate bonded silicon nitride ceramics with porous gradient structure
    When using tape casting, the porous structure is hard to control because of the excessive organics. .... Therefore, from the existing literatures and patents [10-12], thermal/cold spray is the suitable method to prepare … ceramic coating on Si3N4 substrate using detonation gun spray, high-velocity oxy-fuel ( HVOF ) thermal spray and…
  • Blast Cleaning Technology
    …of surface cleanliness—Part 3: assessment of dust on steel surfaces prepared for painting (pressure-sensitive tape method). .... Ivosevic, M., Gupta, V., Gijs, M.A., 1999 Cairncross, R.A., Twardowski, T.E., Knight, R., Baldoni, J.A., 2006, Effect of substrate roughness on splatting behaviour of HVOF sprayed polymer particles: modelling and experiments.