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  • B-stage Epoxy
    of B-stage Epoxy Adhesives. • Hybrid Microelectronics. • Optical. ◦ Adhering lids over air-cavity /. ◦ Gasket and perimeter sealing of glasses. hermetic packages. in LCDs / Flat Panel Displays (FPDs). ◦ Adhering substrates into. ◦ Window mounting in opto-sensors. package housing. ◦ Fiber optic bonding
  • Using Mold Release Agents with Epoxy Adhesives
    the epoxy potted electronics remain inside a housing, chassis, package. or hybrid, it is said to be “potted electronics” as described above. Whether potted or. casted, both utilize similar concepts and processes; including the same epoxy product. In summary, the main difference between potting
  • PTFE And Hybrid Multilayer Bonding And Fabrication
    for the plated through hole chemistry. Plasma Desmear of Hybrid Multilayers. Epoxy resin smear may be removed using standard plasma techniques for FR-4 laminates. Please consult your plasma equipment vendor or FR-4 laminate supplier. Permanganate or Sulfuric Desmear of Hybrid Multilayers. Chemical
  • Epoxies for OptoElectronic Packaging: Applications and Material Properties (.pdf)
    Epoxies are used in the packaging and assembly of three opto-electronic devices, including Fiber Optics, LEDs, and LCDss. In fiber optics, you need epoxy for the cable and for the opto-packaging. The fiber optic components are usually packaged in hybrid technology, which mean several
  • Conductive Adhesives for Thermal Management: Case Study Issues in Hybrid Microelectronics and Plastic IC Packaging (.pdf)
    This paper discusses silver filled and boron nitride filled epoxies for heat-sinking and thermal transfer. Case studies of thermal resistance calculations have been presented with comparisons made against eutectic die-attach.
  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Adhesives and Pressure-Sensitive Components
    conductive formulation suited for use in hybrid microelectronic components. The company also offers a fast-curing UV adhesive and a clear epoxy with a long pot life that cures at room temperatures. Epoxy Technology has supplied specialty polymers and epoxies to high-tech industries since 1966. G &L
  • Medical Device Link . SPOTLIGHT ON ADHESIVES
    fasteners. Thermattach T413 and T414 double-sided tapes are designed to provide an effective thermal interface between components, ceramic hybrid circuits, PCBs, flexible circuits, and heat spreaders and sinks. The tapes are ionically clean and offer good thermal conductivity and bonding properties
  • Reliability Study Conducted: Leadless Chip Thermistor with High Temperature Solder Leach Resistant Gold Contacts, Die Mounted with Eutectic Au/Sn Solder by Customer (.pdf)
    . The application for this product was thermal control of a proximity-coupled laser assembled in a hybrid microelectronic package used for the fiber-optic telecommunications industry. Microsoft Word - CornerstoneT041ThermReliabilityReportSummaryL.doc Cornerstone Sensors, Inc. Summary of Life Test
  • Latest Material and Construction Methods Provide the Highest Quality Rigid-Flex PCB's
    . They are an integrated hybrid of printed circuit board and flex circuit technology and exhibit the benefits of each. This allows substantially greater freedom of packaging geometry and a significant reduction of interconnects while retaining the precision, density and repeatability of printed circuit board
  • Medical Device Link .
    A clear, double-faced film is designed for use in medical applications such as bonding microfluidic devices or other disposable test products. Coated with a high-weight, hybrid pressure-sensitive adhesive, the film provides high tack and peel properties. The tape sticks to a number of substrates