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  • How hydraulic motion-control measures up
    high-speed back-andforth linear motion to sweep powder into the cavity and then eject the finished part, making a hydraulic actuator the preferred power source. An electronic motion controller coordinates motion and ensures repeatability. To satisfy Gasbarre's key requirements, the motion controller would
  • Soft Actuators Tackle Hard Jobs
    Air actuators shake off contamination that can destroy traditional cylinders. For more than 50 years, air actuators have played a key role in many pneumatically powered machines. Air actuators differ from metal pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders in that they have no piston rods and cylinder barrels
  • Top Trends Impacting Design Engineers, part 2
    performance in a variety of media, temperatures, and pressures before the part is ever installed. Another change is a growing interest in hydraulic systems that don't use oil. Water-hydraulic systems are ideal when safety or cleanliness is of utmost concern. Inherently environmentally friendly, water-based
  • Basics of Design Engineering: Hydraulics New Sealing Systems Take the Heat
    friendly to traditional seals. And to get more work out of smaller, lighter actuators, hydraulic-equipment manufacturers continue to push pressures ever higher. Overall, new seal materials and designs are necessary to meet these increasingly tough requirements. Recent advancements should help
  • Waterslide Simulator
    the world's problems -- or just do cool things. In a recent episode, the design team built a 30-ft-diameter doughnut out of waterslide sections. Hydraulic actuators lift, tilt, and spin the circular apparatus while a computer projects an image of a waterslide course inside. Riders surf inside
  • Controlling high-performance electrohydraulics
    accuracy and reliability. Electronic programming also dramatically shortens setup time. Circuit design and components are critical in high-performance electrohydraulic motion-control systems. Hydraulic motion control offers many advantages over electric and pneumatic systems, especially in applications
  • Guidelines for sizing servohydraulics
    The best controllers and software can't overcome a poorly designed hydraulic system. In typical servohydraulic motion systems, the valve mounts as close as possible to the cylinder. Experts also recommend motion controllers specifically designed for hydraulic applications. Cylinder-bore size
  • Pressure Valves
    Valves are essential elements for controlling fluid system performance. Virtually every fluid-power system requires some type of valve. In a hydraulic system, valves may control pressure, flow to an actuator, or quantity of flow permitted past a given point. Pneumatic valves are similar in design

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