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  • Brake Design and Safety, Third Edition
    ...springs rear tandem, 253–254 and dynamic loads for 2-S1 tractor-trailer combination, 303–304 for single vehicles, 214–216 for tow vehicle-trailer combination, 276–277... ...213–214 three-axle straight truck , 253–267 two-axle truck..., 139–141 full-power hydraulic brakes, 139 hydraulic, 136–139... requirements, 159–167 master cylinder , 156–159 simplified, 155–156 Brake force distribution fixed analysis of, 232–237 brakes-unlocked deceleration...
  • Langa Industrial SA
    Four models of towable and truck -mounted units provide platform heights of from 1 to 4.5 m. Standard features include an hydraulic cylinder with mechanical safety locks, operated by a hand pump, pneumatic-tyred wheels, castors with locks and a detachable towbar.
  • Trailer, tank: water, 1½ ton, 2-wheel, 400 gallon, M106 series
    The trailer was designed for fording where the trailer may be completely submerged; it is normally towed by a 2½ ton or 5 ton truck , provided the towing vehicle has an air supply. The M106A2 employs two hydraulic wheel cylinders for each wheel service brake.
  • Federal Register > Tuesday, August 14, 2007 > [72 FR 45490] Reliance Trailer Company, LLC; Receipt of Application for a Temporary Exemption From Federal Motor...
    Reliance describes the "Pony Trailer" as having a chassis frame, attached to a tow point at the rear of a dump truck , and an accompanying open top body structure, comprised mainly of a front wall, two sidewalls, a floor, and a tailgate. The force of gravity unloads "Pony Trailers," which are unloaded by lifting the front of the body, using an extendable hydraulic cylinder .
  • CR4 - Thread: Feasibility Discussion on Modular Vehicles
    The ability to tow a small trailer, which should have it's own independent Braking. ...had the hitch slid in and out a short distance within a separate slightly larger tube that was the trailer structure and thus had a 'telescoping' capabilities like a multi stage hydraulic cylinder as see on dump trucks or it a collapsible...
  • Solid Waste Technology and Management
    ...special fittings, four-wheels bins can be coupled up to form ‘trains’ for towing by a tractor. Roll-off Container Trucks The hook and arm system is powered by hydraulic cylinders and the frame is tipped 50–60◦ from horizontal for unloading the container.
  • Construction equipment displayed at the anniversary exposition “30 years of socialist Poland�?
    ...increase the capacity of the mixing drums and to raise the economic efficiency of the towing equipment. 50 %, despite the fact that for bothmaehiaesthe base chassis is the same two-axle truck . The jib, which is raised and accommodated by hydraulic cylinders , can rotate in' the horizontal and vertical planes: this expands considerably the field of effective applica- .
  • Sled for In Situ Penetration Testing
    The UNH penetration sled consists of a trailer-mounted skid rig easily towed by a pickup truck . The basic com- ponents of the skid rig consist of a steel frame onto which two hydraulic cylinders , a hydraulic pump, and a water pump are securely mounted.
  • International exhibition of mining equipment “intergormash-67�?
    Among the transport facilities exhibited, considerable interest attaches to the D-10 semi-trailed self-tipping truck which has a hydraulic control system (Fig. 6, in the center); the load capacity is 20 tons. ...a rear-discharge truck with considerable maneuverability, due to the fact that the towing vehicle can turn... An air-cooled 160-hp eight- cylinder motor is mounted on a single-axle tractor; the five...
  • Soltam Systems 155 mm ATMOS 2000 SPG
    The Soltam Systems ATMOS, 155 mm/52-calibre self-propelled artillery system essentially consists of a 6 × 6 cross-country truck chassis, on the rear of which is mounted... ...part of a Soltam Systems 155 mm/52-calibre towed TIG 2000 system. The buffer is of the one cylinder hydraulic type with the recuperator being of the hydropneumatic type.