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  • Gear Pump Selection Information
    for handling non-lubricating liquids under limited conditions of operation with grease fittings or carbon bearings. 1. TYPE OF SERVICE The majority of applications for Clark gear pumps fall into the following categories: (a) Transfer, (b) Lubrication, (c) Hydraulic, (d) Coolant and (e) General. 2
  • WIKA MH-2 Mobile Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter
    . Outriggers: supports that extend to balance and support the crane. Rotex Gear: large gear under the cab that allows the boom to be rotated. Two-Gear Pump: hydraulic pump system that uses two rotating gears to pressurize oil. The load moment indicator determines the stability of the load and whether
  • Hydraulic fluids change with the times
    The right chemistry minimizes operating problems and saves money. Hydraulic and Industrial Gear Additives Using the wrong hydraulic fluid can have severe and costly consequences, such as catastrophic pump failure. Hydraulic fluids are the workhorses of hydraulic systems. They transmit power
  • Avoiding Pump Problems
    Tips for Operation and Maintenance of a Submersible Pump. ./13479b96-9cec-4336-a1cb-5a6736ecadc2 Avoiding Pump Problems. Hydraulic submersible. pumps are designed. for dewatering jobs in. Hydraulic-driven. submersible pumps work in. tough locations — construc-. tough, watery applications. tion
  • Gear Drives
    power to the propeller on a marine drive. Differ from other transmissions in that they generally provide single forward and reverse speeds and use friction-type shifting clutches. Gearboxes connecting power source and hydraulic pumps in hydrostatic drives. A broad category
  • An Integrated Approach to the Dynamic Simulation of Landing Gear Systems
    the pressure, and pressure derivatives, and oil flow in the strut. In the cases where hydraulic system are also used for the retract and other actuators, the power requirements and dynamic response is predicted. Accelerate modeling and simulation through a dedicated landing gear simulation solution
  • Peristaltic Pumps Provide Option for Ethanol Producers
    the digestive system. Although PD pump technologies differ, all PD pumps incorporate moving parts that come in contact with the material being processed�a reality that is critical to life-cycle costs when pumping an abrasive fluid. For example, diaphragm pumps (typically air or electro-hydraulic
  • Pump Control with Variable Frequency Drives (.pdf)
    full horsepower. and consume nearly maximum energy full time,. regardless of demand. Power requirements for. throttled systems drop only slightly even when. flow or volume is reduced significantly. Variable speed devices such as belts, gears,. magnetic clutches and hydraulic drives. accomplish