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Parts by Number for Hydraulic Hose Fitting Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
33782-6-6 Global Industrial Progressive Hydraulics, Inc Not Provided Push-Lok Hose Fitting, 3/8" Female Jic -Swivel 45 °-Elbow-Short Drop, 3/8" "I.D. Hose, Steel
39282-8-8 Global Industrial Progressive Hydraulics, Inc Not Provided Push-Lok Hose Fitting, 1/2" Female Bsp Parallel Pipe-Swivel-60 ° Cone, 1/2" I.D. Hose, Steel
3D982-4-6 Global Industrial Progressive Hydraulics, Inc Not Provided Push-Lok Hose Fitting, 1/4" Male Bsp Parallel Pipe-Rigid -60 ° Cone, 3/8" I.D. Hose, Steel

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  • Safety Guide for Selecting and Using Hose, Fittings, and Related Accesories (.pdf)
    or using Hose and Fitting products. Do not select or use Parker Hose or Fittings without thoroughly. reading and understanding this safety guide as well as the specific Parker publications for the products considered or selected. 1.4. User Responsibility: Due to the wide variety of operating conditions
  • Predicting the life of hydraulic hose
    A variety of service factors affect how long a hose assembly will last. Factors such as operating conditions, ambient temperature, pressure, and the type of hydraulic fluid all play a role in how long a hose assembly survives in service. Not a week goes by without someone asking, "How long
  • Tube Fittings
    is transmitted by a sleeve to the flared tube. No twisting action is transmitted to the flare and, because the nut is short, tubing bends can be placed closer to the fitting. The 60 cone fittings seal by metal-to-metal contact, with a tapered cone seating onto the tube (or nose in the hose swivel
  • Hydraulic Tube Fittings Deliver Leak-Free Performance and Long Life
    high pressure, severe shock, and vibration. Tube fittings are essential to hydraulic systems, connecting tubing and hose to pumps, valves, cylinders, and other components. Modern connectors deliver years of leak-free performance despite high operating pressures, pressure spikes, corrosion, vibration
  • Field Attachable Fittings
    PAGE Industrial Smoothbore PTFE Hose and Fittings. Industrial Smoothbore PTFE Hose and Fittings. Braided PTFE Hose, Hose Assemblies, Fittings,. Adapters and Accessories. Industrial Smoothbore PTFE Hoses, PAGE-Swage Fittings, Field Attachable Fittings, and Adapters. For more detailed information
  • Fluid Power Reference Guide - Hydraulics and Fluid Handling
    to literally seconds and eliminates torquing inconsistencies that can cause conventional threaded fasteners to leak. STC connectors also rotate during assembly, eliminating twists that dramatically shorten hose life. The fittings are said to weigh less and have a lower profile than
  • New Connectors Ease Hydraulic Assembly
    the Universal Push-to-Connect (UPTC) assembly that reportedly reduces assembly time by as much as 90% on industrial and mobile equipment. Design of the UPTC involved collaboration between Parker 's Tube Fittings, Hose Products The UPTC consists
  • Technical Handbook: Routing / Installation / Environmental Influences (.pdf)
    that is too short. may pull loose from its hose fittings or stress the. hose fitting connections, causing premature metallic. or seal failures. The hose length must be determined so that the. hose assembly has enough slack to allow the system. components to move or vibrate without creating. tension
  • Reference: Automated Fluid Flow Calculator
    , Exploration. & Extraction. Infrastructure & Agriculture. Transportation. Automotive. Process. & Specialty. Products. & Services. Solutions. Catalogs. Part Interchanges. Industrial Power Transmission. Industrial Fluid Power. Find a Distributor. Catalogs. eCrimp. Hydraulic Hose and Connectors. Industrial
  • Odd-Shaped Seal Stops Random Leaks
    Canal Winchester, Ohio, expect near-perfect reliability from their Piggyback construction forklifts. Therefore, it was perplexing and disturbing when occasionally and without warning, a Piggyback would blow the drive hose to the front-wheel-drive motor. Hydraulic leaks

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