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  • Wider Load

    A historic Vermont bridge gets a second life,thanks to a widening project facilitated by a hydraulic jack side-launching system. ./25b10942-050b-433a-85df-84b54d22fa53 A historic Vermont. bridge gets a second life,. thanks to a widening project. facilitated by a hydraulic jack. side-launching


    . A total of 100. modified Hilman rollers, each with a capacity of 100 tons and equipped with. Accu-Roll guidance, were used. In addition, the roller top plates were equipped. with a ball socket plate to accept a hydraulic jack which was part of the unified. jacking system. The rollers traveled

  • Enerpac's ultimate lift gantries gantries curtail risk with cost-efficient technology

    Range. Enerpac technologies include hydraulic gantries, modular units, strand jacks, skidding systems, weighing systems, Jack ‘N Pack, self-erecting gantries and self-erecting tower lifts, and strand jack gantries. Enerpac is an international market leader in high-pressure hydraulics, with 28

  • Controlled Thermal Movement Aids Coupling Alignment

    with jack bolts are the easiest to move. In many situations, it is best to install jack bolts at the time of alignment rather than trying to move the machine some other more difficult and time-consuming way. Where no jack bolts are present, small hydraulic jacks can be used to move a machine

  • Statue of Liberty Goes Green With Soy-Based Elevator Fluid

    Visitors to the Statue of Liberty may not know it, but the monument's elevator now runs on a new, biodegradable hydraulic fluid made from soy oil. Until recently, Lady Liberty's elevator used mineral oil formulations derived from petroleum-based stocks. But the National Park Service (NPS), which

  • Load Cell Monitoring in a Tunnel Jacking Operation

    , required tunneling underneath Hancock St, a busy street in one of the main business districts, where digging a trench would be impractical. Utilizing a trenchless technology called tunnel jacking, their method used hydraulic rams to jack rectangular, precast concrete tunnel sections under the roadway

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  • Re: Specification for Bolt Torque / Tensioning for Flanged Piping

    Hello gentleman! Here is the Spec and please do comment.Thanks Dejan = 1 Scope = This Specification covers the hydraulic bolt tension and bolting-up requirements for piping and pipeline flange joints as specified in ANSI-B16.5 and or...

  • Re: torque and power of automobile engine

    As to the other, valve train controlled, dynamic fuel intake issue,... I think Jack was think of two separate issues. One is mechanical control of valves via camshaft vs more flexible methods. The mechanical system has many limitations that could be addressed by solenoid or hydraulic actuat...

  • Re: CR4 Activity History?

    Here's the thread page from a year ago: Create Date / Rating Title / Poster / Forum Last Post Comments Views 12/17/2012 1:42 AM Short Circuit Withstand Current by sharma.chinmayee ; posted in Electrical Engineering 12/21/2012 4:35 AM by mashani 11 179 12/16/2012 11:53 PM...

  • Re: Properties of Hydraulic Oil

    Hello shabbirali: My search term was: 'Names of hydraulic oils and their properties'. I hope you find what you want! Hydraulic fluid: Definition from Answers.com Hydraulic fluids can contain a wide range of chemical compounds, including: oils, ... Fire resistance is a property avai...

  • Re: How to Build a Pipe Bending Machine

    Tube bending is a complex subject. One could write a whole book on the subject. How you bend the tube depends on the following: Material, steel, copper, aluminum, brass, less common materials. Note that stainless steel tubing requires a lot more force because it work hardens quickly. Ducti...

  • Re: Anti-Seismic System Placed in a Shaft of a Load-Bearing Structure

    There are six methods of placement HYDRAULIC TIE ROD FOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS AN ALTERNATIVE APPROACH TO BUILDING STABILITY FIRST PLACEMENT METHOD The patented video shows the mode of operation and method of collaboration of the antiseismic system, with bearings, which offers effective seismic...

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Lowell Corporation
U.S. Made Hydraulic Jack

The Porter-Ferguson Division of Lowell Corporation is the only supplier of 100% U.S. made hydraulic pumps, rams, and jacks. We offer four-ton and ten-ton jacking systems and an array of attachments and clamps for a variety of lifting, pushing and pulling applications. The four-ton (Speed-Midget) system features easy-on interchangeable attachments. The standard SM0200 hand hydraulic jack comes with a 5" travel SM0034 ram. Also available are the 4" travel SM0024 ram, the 1" travel SM0014 ram...

Joyce/Dayton Corp.
Bevel Ball Screw Jacks

High efficiency Bevel Ball Linear Actuators from Joyce/Dayton are the original mechanical linear actuators designed for near-continuous duty operation. BB Series linear actuators provide higher speeds and less heat generation than other mechanical linear actuators, with more precise positioning and repeatability than hydraulic cylinders. Featuring spiral bevel gear driven ball screws, BB Series linear actuators provide efficiencies up to 86%, high duty cycles, travel speeds to 48 FPM and static...

WPT Power Corporation
11,000 Lbs Planetary Hydraulic Hoist

11,000 Lbs PlanetaryHydraulic Hoist. Efficient Two-stage hydraulic planetary design. Brake, overrunning clutch and balance valve guarantee capstan high-speed steady work. Spring-loaded clutch for engagement. Recommended use 5/8"(16mm) aircraft cable. Compact design. Simple operation make maintenance easy. Fast line speed. Product Maintenence manual. outline drawing. WPT Winch/Hoist    . WPT supplies winches with a rated line pull from 9,000Lbs to 100,000 Lbs. Also WPT provides some...