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  • How hydraulic motion-control measures up
    high-speed back-andforth linear motion to sweep powder into the cavity and then eject the finished part, making a hydraulic actuator the preferred power source. An electronic motion controller coordinates motion and ensures repeatability. To satisfy Gasbarre's key requirements, the motion controller would
  • Making Sense of Electrohydraulic Controllers
    hydraulic-based motion. Although valued for its ability to move, crush, or lift heavy loads, hydraulics is often not considered exceptionally precise, or able to support complex, synchronized multiaxis operations. The advent of closed-loop electrohydraulic (EH) motion controllers has changed
  • Controlling high-performance electrohydraulics
    their electrical or mechanical counterparts. When designing hydraulic control systems, however, it is critical to set up motion controllers with correct control algorithms. Compromises can be made in designing a hydraulic circuit, but the hydraulic motion controller cannot always compensate for deficiencies
  • Decentralized hydraulics boost sawmill output
    knowledge of hydraulics. The pretested subassembly consists of a temperature and vibration-resistant microcontroller built into a fast-acting control valve, along with a position transducer and hydraulic cylinder. It communicates to higher-level PLCs, motion controllers, or CNCs via fieldbuses
  • The good stuff may cost less
    hydraulic control, or flexible control of servoelectric, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. In these cases, a full-featured motion controller is key to best performance. It is unlikely that a one-stop-shopping automation supplier has a motion controller up to the task. Even in simple applications
  • Sorting out servopneumatics
    Proportional pneumatics hold a sizable cost advantage over electric and hydraulic systems. The LS servopneumatic control system includes a dedicated device controller and a five-port, three-position, closedcenter directional valve. It accepts command signals from sources such as PLCs and computers
  • Take Out The Shake
    Here's how to eliminate instability and oscillations in hydraulic positioncontrol systems. One issue that designers of hydraulic position-control equipment often face is the low damping inherent in such systems -- which usually consist of a hydraulic actuator, servovalve, position sensor
  • Guidelines for sizing servohydraulics
    The best controllers and software can't overcome a poorly designed hydraulic system. In typical servohydraulic motion systems, the valve mounts as close as possible to the cylinder. Experts also recommend motion controllers specifically designed for hydraulic applications. Cylinder-bore size

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