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Parts by Number for Hydraulic Needle Valve Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NFCCLCNGBP PLC Radwell Sun Hydraulics Hydraulics, Hydraulic Valve ADJ NEEDLE VALVE ASSEMBLY
NFCCLCN PLC Radwell Sun Hydraulics Hydraulics, Hydraulic Valve NEEDLE VALVE FULLY ADJUSTABLE
N1200S PLC Radwell Skinner Hydraulics, Hydraulic Valve NEEDLE VALVE 3/4INCH STEEL
NV101K PLC Radwell Hydraulic Valve Division Hydraulics, Hydraulic Valve HYDRAULIC VALVE THREADED CARTRIDGE NEEDLE 3500PSI
N400B PLC Radwell Hannifin Hydraulics, Hydraulic Valve NEEDLE VALVE 1/4INCH BRASS 2000PSI 5GPM
9N800S PLC Radwell Parker Hydraulics, Hydraulic Valve NEEDLE VALVE 5000PSI 345BAR 15GPM 57LPM .5IN NPTF
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