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  • Hydraulic fluids change with the times
    , lubricate and help cool equipment, and prevent rust and corrosion. But hydraulic fluids are not one-size-fits-all commodities. Fluid manufacturers choose from an array of base oils and additives to tailor characteristics to specific applications. For instance, some fluids resist oxidation and thermal
  • CASE STUDY - OIL & GAS - General Tubular Services, Germany
    . connecting different types and. of revolutions and rotational speed. range. The high degree of IP65 pro-. sizes of connectors in the oil and. starts. Using these parameters, the. tection in the application prevents. natural gas industries as well as for. hydraulic tongs are turned off when. penetration
  • Manufacturing Application: Monitoring and Controlling Die Casting Press
    Die cast presses use hydraulic systems to force molten metal into a die to form intricately shaped parts that require little final machining for engine components, transmissions and other parts. Control over the injection process is often managed by a PLC. Manufacturing Application: Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Controlling a Die Casting Press
    CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the data acquisition and control solution for a prominent manufacturer operating die cast presses. These presses used hydraulic systems to force molten metal into a die, forming intricately-shaped parts requiring little final machining for use as engine components
  • Upgrade of existing foul condensate
    that the existing tray strippers were vapour limiting, however had spare hydraulic capacity. IMS proposed to extend the height of the existing strippers and hence increase the number of stripping stages. This increase achieved the new stripping requirement from the higher liquid load without increasing
  • Mixing Emulsions Made Easy (.pdf)
    of interlocking channels. The rotor turns at an extremely high tip. speed (11,300 fpm) and the product being mixed is subjected to far more intense. mechanical and hydraulic shear than with any conventional rotor/stator mixer. EMULSION STORY #2: Another Ross customer produces silicone oil-in-water emulsions
  • Correct Installation Extends Service Life of Rotating Unions
    Rotating unions are used to convey various media into and through rotating machine parts. Media such as water, hydraulic or thermal oil, compressed air, vacuum, coolants etc. can be conveyed. In case of current rotating unions, sealing between the rotating element, "rotor", and the stationary part
  • Set the Installation Position in Advance by Design - Minimizing Failures, Maximizing Service Life of Components
    Whenever the design engineer has to cope with the task to convey media into or through rotating machine parts, he utilises the component "rotating union". Usually, media such as water, hydraulic or thermal oil, compressed air, vacuum, coolants etc. are conveyed by this component into the rotating