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  • Hydraulic Speed Control
    When using industrial equipment such as automated drill heads, positioning slides, and transfer conveyors, precise speed and feed control are required more often than not. While there are a number of options for precise control, probably the most cost effective is the Hydraulic Speed Control. HSCs
  • Purchasing a Hydraulic Press
    is fixed and the material feed stroke is relatively short, the mechanical press remains the best selection. Stroke depth. If a limit switch is used to determine the bottom, the stroke depth is not likely to be controlled much closer than .020". Many hydraulic presses can be set to reverse
  • World record speed with drying machine
    hydraulic and pneumatic operations and replacing them with servomotor technology. This permitted faster cycle times and greater precision in bale placement and wire placement. Dedicated control modules on each unit operation and Fieldbus technology permits "plug and play" operations with a lower
  • An Advanced Random Shaker Control Algorithm
    of hydraulic shakers, or electro-dynamic shakers with hydraulic slip-tables, or complex. structures. Competitive systems do not provide this level of control system design. These systems use an older. technique with fixed feed-back gain and no feed-forward processing. For these systems, the control
  • Applications of physical models for control
    both fast calculations and robustness. Our belief is that this will be the future trend in advanced control and optimization in all process industries in the future, and especially in the pulp and paper industry. REFERENCES S. Bhartiya, P. Dufour and F. J. Doyle : Thermal-Hydraulic Modeling
  • An Advanced Sine Control Algorithm Control System Dynamic Range
    Choosing a digital Shaker Control system to operate with either an electrodynamic or hydraulic shaker,. requires careful consideration of a number of issues. In addition to cost, the two most important factors for. a customer to evaluate are safety and performance. Obviously, a system that does
  • Variable Speed Drives and Centrifuges for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas (.pdf)
    solution to a Zone 1 installation. Due to the heat generated from the power electronics, many control systems have to be installed outside the hazardous area or alternative systems like hydraulic or gear drive are used. ./aea86eb9-a8bc-4f02-941d-7766df270047 VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES
  • Medical Device Link .
    to the company. The HLT-1250 provides ram opening or closing speed of 200 mm/sec, blanking speed to 80 mm/sec, and maximum stroke rate of 60 strokes per minute. For optimal process control at higher speeds, the press provides automated adjustment of feed height, strip width, and scrap chop

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