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  • Kori Nuclear Power Plant Uses Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors for Liquid Degassing (.pdf)
    of C14 and Replacing. Hydrazine Injection. Liqui-Cel Membrane. Kori unit 1 is a Pressure Water Reactor (PWR). The reactor is. Contactor for Degassing. continuously fed boronated water which is used to control the neutron. flux inside the reactor. The boron is continuously consumed and is. replenished
  • Wolsung Nuclear Power Plant Uses Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors for Dissolved Oxygen Removal to Prevent Corrosion (.pdf)
    technologies in an effort to. overcome some of the limitations of using hydrazine. Hydrazine reacts with dissolved oxygen to form water and. nitrogen. Unreacted hydrazine decomposes to produce ammonia,. nitrogen, and at high temperatures, hydrogen. The formation of. hydrogen gas is a potential hazard
  • DuPont TM Krytox (R) Lubricants Chemical Stability (.pdf)
    and density, Krytox lubricants do not mix well with most chemicals and other hydrocarbon-based lubricants and will separate out. Krytox oils and greases are completely insoluble in water. Microsoft Word - K-20564 Chem reactivity profile V7.doc DuPont™ Krytox® Lubricants. Chemical Stability. DuPont
  • DOWEX TM MONOSPHERE TM Ion Exchange Resins (.pdf)
    The Dominion Engineering Millstone Nuclear Power Station has undergone a significant performance improvement in water quality and operational efficiency of the deep-bed condensate polishers in Unit 2. The use of DOWEX TM MONOSPHERE TM 650C and 550A gel resins (now in service for more than 6 years
  • Chemical Reactivity with Brush Materials
    Bromide. Acetyl Chloride. Acetyl Chloride (dry). Acetyl Nitrile. Acetyl Salicylic acid. Acetylene. Acid Chloride 104 F. Acid Fluoborate Bath R.T. Acid Fluoborate Bath R.T. Acid fumes. Acid Sulfate Bath 150 F. Acrylic Acid. Acrylic Acid. Acrylonitrile. Adipic Acid. Adipic Acid; sat. in water
  • Polyurethane Material Properties
    have two distinct groups,. Abrasion Resistance. +. –. which will be discussed next. As a family Water Resistance. –. +. of materials, polyether-based urethanes. Fuel/Oil/Grease Resistance. +. –. are not as effected by water as polyes-. Compression Set, 250C. ters, but cannot match polyesters when
  • US Department of Labor, OSHA Standards for Powered Industrial Truck Batteries
    ether, ethylene, isoprene, or unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine (UDMH). 1910.178(c)(2)(ii)- 1910.178(c)(2)(ii)(a)Power-operated industrial trucks shall not be used in atmospheres containing hazardous concentrations of metal dust, including aluminum, magnesium, and their commercial alloys, other

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