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  • Optical Hydrocarbon Sensors and Their Applications (.pdf)
    The increasing concern about hydrocarbon contamination of process water and produced water has created an increasing need for in-situ, real time, and accurate low cost instrumentation that can provide rapid detection and easily usable in the field. PetroSense? sensors [1,2] represents "best
  • Infrared Technology for Fail-To-Safe Hydrocarbon Gas Detection
    technology is an active one, able to communicate the sensor’s status and faults to the operator. The IR hydrocarbon gas detector can be classified into two types known as point detectors and open path. detectors. IR GAS SENSING TECHNOLOGY. The IR method of measuring gas concentration is based
  • Sulphur analysis in aromatic and Naphtha hydrocarbon stream of petroleum products and crude oil
    impurities in petrochemical products. Findings revealed that Hydrogenolysis and Rateometric Colorimetry (ASTM 4045) best suits the application requirement of petroleum industry. Sulphur analysis in aromatic and Naphtha hydrocarbon stream of petroleum products and crude oil > Home
  • Combustible Gas Safety Monitoring: Infrared vs. Catalytic Gas Detectors
    and high temperature extremes,. Figure 4: IR2100 IR Point Detector and. very humid conditions, and around hot or vibrating. IR5000 Open Path Detector for Hydrocarbon Gas. machinery, catalytic detectors are the best choice. Calibration of Detectors. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS. Measurement quality with both
  • Senscient ELDS TM Open Path Gas Detectors Field Report - October 2010 (.pdf)
    of need for monthly. to other open path technologies that detect generic hydrocarbon levels if calibration costs and labor), faster response time, and greater coverage,. gases other than Methane are present to significant degrees. Our readings than any point detector for either methane or H2S. were
  • Combustible Gas Detector Sensor Drift: bead combustible sensor
    to monitor. sensor drift is caused by corrosion, mostly. type (Figure 1). This detector consists of four. the characteristic hydrocarbon wavelength. from combustion by-products. Hydrocarbon. elements within a Wheatstone Bridge circuit;. The other is a reference that monitors an. combustion always
  • Applying Neural Network Technology To Next Generation Flame Detectors
    . > Oil / Gas Production > Oil/Gas Distribution. from dangerous hydrocarbon flame sources. The FL4000. is the industry’s first flame detection system to combine. F l a m e S e n s i n g Te c h n o l o g i e s. precision multi-spectral IR (MSIR) flame sensing technology. There are five primary optical
  • Monitoring Leaks from Heat Exchanger - Paper Plant
    The EZ Access Falling Stream Flow Cell - Compatible with TD-4100 and TD-4100XD. Â The EZ Access Falling Stream Flow Cell = Easy access for easy cleaning and easy optical filter change for application adjustments. Fresno, CA USA - Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, the industry leader in oil

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