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  • Hydrogen Gas Detection in Oil Refineries
    of 25-100 kHz) span from 68 to 78 dB in high noise areas, where. rotating machinery like compressors and turbines are installed, and rarely exceed 60 dB in low. noise areas. Consequently, ultrasonic gas leak detectors can detect hydrogen leaks without. being affected by background noise. And since
  • Gas Leak Detector-Application Note: COMPRESSOR STATIONS
    compressor equipment to high. stresses. For example, vibration and heat from. nearby machinery can produce cracks on seals and. flanges. Hydrogen sulfide, liquids, and undesirable. particles in the natural gas stream can corrode. pipelines and degrade components. Over time,. prolonged exposure
  • It's a gas, gas, gas
    Gas generators create hydrogen and nitrogen from water and compressed air. Nitrogen generators replace bulky and costly nitrogen cylinders. Hydrogen generators from Parker Hannifin eliminate the need for dangerous cylinders. While fast gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor quickly
  • Senscient ELDS TM Open Path Gas Detectors Field Report - October 2010 (.pdf)
    Petrochemical refinery in Ohio, USA installation and operation of ELDS open path (line-of-site) fixed gas detectors for Methane + H2S for simultaneous detection of both gases in a real world environment. ./1c9271eb-c640-4809-bdac-fef8ae2a31a0 Senscient ELDS™ Field Report - October 2010. ELDS
  • Advantages of Electric Clutches When Driving Components Off a Gas or Diesel Engine
    , and cost savings on gas and diesel engines. Magazine Editorials - Ogura Industrial Corp. "What You Need in a Clutch" Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes. Home. About. Profile. Video Segments. Other Ogura Companies. What's New. Latest News. Magazine Editorials. Recent Press Releases. Ogura Quarterly
    spans approximately 125 miles and collects gas from wells. using a local low pressure system as shown in Figure 2. The gas is then compressed with a local. booster compressor. At each booster station, the gas is compressed using three stages with interstage. and final stage cooling. Depending
  • Ther Versatility of the Vibrating Element (.pdf)
    Vibrating element type, gas measurement devices are found measuring refinery reformer stream compositions, power generator hydrogen purity, centripetal compressor gas inputs, process heater fuel gas quality and others, in a variety of process control environments. Customers willing to upgrade
  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    and anesthesia gases, in pneumatic automation systems to regulate compressed air, in engines to regulate fuel pressure, and in fuel cells to regulate hydrogen. Although the applications vary considerably, the pressure regulators provide the same function. Pressure regulators reduce a supply pressure

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