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  • Covering Your Tail Gas
    engines to amine systems, the industry is facing some fairly strict legislation. One area of great concern is amine tail-gas treatment. Amine systems are a very common and critical component used by natural gas-processing facilities to remove acid gases, CO2 and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from the well
  • High Flow Delivery Systems for Bulk Specialty Gases
    experiments to ensure saturated vapor phase in the purifiers. The results from testing bulk specialty gas purifiers for ammonia and hydrogen chloride under severe moisture challenges and various flow rates are described. The temperature changes were monitored throughout the delivery manifold
  • HPR30 Series Orifice Sampling Process Gas Analysers (.pdf)
    . • Non ideal sample introduction. Interference from background gases. ! The UHV vacuum manifold housing the quadrupole. gauge has its own residual gas. • The main components are water, hydrogen, pump oils. and outgassing from the source filaments. • A typical vacuum housing
  • Products in Action
    process gases and is a process by-product. Potential sources of hydrogen leaks within a fab include bulk hydrogen delivery tanks, gas delivery lines, gas manifolds, valve boxes, regulators, the point at which a gas line enters a tool, and exhaust ducts. If hydrogen concentrations reach the flammable
  • Micro Fluidic Flow and Pressure
    of flow sensor chip. gases. 24. and TECHNOLOGY. September/October 2005. Gases &TechnologyFEATURE. a. b. c. Figure 3. (a) IQ+Flow mass flow controller; (b) IQ+Flow pressure controller; (c) customized. manifold flow pressure controller based on IQ+Flow modules (chip flow sensor, chip pressure. sensor, control
  • Medical Device Link . MEDTEC 98 Exhibitor Profiles
    development services are also available. Certified to ISO 9001 and EN 46001. Manufactures the Sterrad 100 SI GMP sterilizer based on low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology. One-hour sterilization cycles are routinely achieved with practically no residuals. Personnel are available
  • Dealing With Landfill Fuel: Evaluating Fuel Treatment Options (.pdf)
    Dealing with fuel contaminants in landfill-gas-to-energy systems is essentially a matter of economics: weighing the costs of removal against the benefits of improved service intervals, performance and reliability. This paper highlights the most common contaminants found in landfill gas
  • U.S. Fuel Cell and Battery Patents | F C T | December 2007 |
    and methods, Ian WKaye and Qailmas Khan, UltraCell Corp. U.S.7,276,141 (20071002), Hydrogen gas sensor, Norihiko Nadanami, Norobu Ishida, Takafumi Oshima, Ryuji Inoue, and Tomonori Kondo, NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (JP). U.S.7,276,214 (20071002), Chemical reactor, Anthony Matthew Johnston and Brian

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