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...and cameras. Automated hydrophone arrays. Wave power generation. Flood control systems. Floating seafood factories. Hydrofoil air cushion controls. Antenna and gun pointing systems. Food processing. Cleaning, chopping, dispensing, packaging, vacuum sealing, inspecting and labeling. Corn dog machines...

...principles and. practical guidelines for specifying or selecting. Probably the first parameter to be considered is. underwater transducers. Underwater. the exact task of the transducer: is it to be a. transducers provide the essential link between. projector (for transmitting), a hydrophone...

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Whether within an array or as a single element, the hydrophone is the basic sensor of underwater acoustics.

An engineering team from the University of Washington tested the cable prior to attaching it to the hydrophone array.

Sonar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System - Wikipedia, the free...
The AN/UQQ-2 Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS) is a towed array sonar system of the United States Navy.

Vector Hydrophone Array Development and its Associated DOA...
Vector Hydrophone Array Development and its Associated DOA Estimation Algorithms

P1J-3 Evaluation of 2D Hydrophone Array System Using Epitaxial...
P1J-3 Evaluation of 2D Hydrophone Array System Using Epitaxial PZT Thin Film Grown on Epitaxial GAMMA-Al2O3/Si Substrate

NETL: Methane Hydrates - DOE/NETL Projects
Another vertical array will consist of hydrophones and 3-component accelerometers to be installed in a borehole.

North Elba Sea Trial Summary
II. Vertical Array and Array Navigation The vertical array was deployed at 43 02.86 N 10 10.01 E. Due to the limited accuracy of the GPS system on

High multiplexing gain using TDM and WDM in interferometric...
Described here is a demonstration interferometric hydrophone array using time and dense wavelength division multiplexing.

Analysis of Low Frequency Ocean Noise: (1) From a Long-Term...
The primary goal of studying data from the Wake Island Hydrophone Array is to quantify changes in the noise field due to the extreme ocean surface
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