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Parts by Number for I2C LCD Display Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BT96040AV1-COG-FSTF ASAP Semiconductor Batron Not Provided LCD MODULE, 96X40, I2C; LCD Display Type:FSTN; Pixel Size (H x W
BTHQ96040 AV -COG-FE ASAP Semiconductor Batron Not Provided LCD MODULE, 96X40, I2C; LCD Display Type:STN; Pixel Size (H x W)
COG-16265-DP-I2C-TC-SILVER Digi-Key Varitronix Optoelectronics LCD COG 16X2 W/I2C SILVER
COG-16265-DP-I2C-FH-W-SILVER Digi-Key Varitronix Optoelectronics LCD COG 16X2 W/I2C TRANSFL WIDE
PCF8576CHL/1,157 Digi-Key NXP Semiconductors Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC LCD DRIVER 40SEG I2C 64LQFP
GLK19264A-7T-1U-FGW Digi-Key Matrix Orbital Optoelectronics DISPL LCD GRAPH 192X64 I2C WHITE
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  • Using the PIC Devices' SSP and MSSP Modules for Slave I2C Communication
    MASTERs Conference. Applications. Audio & Speech. Wireless Audio (SMSC). Automotive. Automotive (SMSC). Battery Management CAN Computers (SMSC) Digital Entertainment Units (SMSC) Displays. Graphical Displays. Segmented LCD. Ethernet High Temperature Home Appliance Lighting LIN Low Power Medical
  • Watt-Hour Meter using PIC16C923 and CS5460
    A, B, and C are. porting SPI communications with the CS5460, the. configured for operation. Interrupts are also enabled. PIC16C923 must perform I2C communications in firm-. The LCD module is then configured. ware, using RA0 (SCL) and RA1 (SDA) (see Figure 7). Clear the LCD Display. Either the 24C01
  • Yet Another Clock Featuring the PIC16C924
    familiarity and. • SSP Module with SPI and I2C capability. range of functionality, the clock is used to convey the. • 8-bit, 5 channel A/D converter. use of the PIC16C92X microcontrollers. In this case we. have added a twist to the clock with the addition of a. • LCD Module. thermometer. The LCD
  • Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart Features in Energy Efficient Electronics
    to provide advanced LCD backlighting control through the use of the NOA1302. ambient light sensor and the NCP5890 LED driver. This implementation provides: •. I2C interface. •. Gradual dimming control. • >90%. efficiency. •. ±1% LED current accuracy. •. 30 V maximum string voltage. •. 3 segment PWM control
  • KeeLoq with XTEA Encryption Receiver/Decoder (.pdf)
    OVERVIEW. Radio Receiver. KeeLoq_RX1.c. Timer0 Interrupt. LCD.c. -rxi(). LCD display routines. Rx_Buffer. display learned. transmitter information. RF_FULL. Flag. Table.c. Receive Buffer. Command Out. - Insert(). Main.c. - Find(). - IDWrite(). Learn. I2c_receive_buffer. - HopUpdate(). I2c_transmit_buffer
  • Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring with the TCN75 Thermal Sensor
    on the LCD. Polling and display frequencies are. CIRCUIT OVERVIEW. controlled by a delay loop in the firmware. Figure 1 shows the overall design of the system. The. circuit is divided into two sections: the remote sensors. and the microprocessor board. The thermal sensing. © 2001 Microchip Technology
  • Monitoring Multiple Temperature Nodes Using TC74 Thermal Sensors and a PIC16C505
    ° absolute accuracy or 0°C to. 125°C with ±3° absolute accuracy. Temperature infor-. This application uses a standard LCD module for tem-. mation is retrieved from the TC74 via a two wire. perature display. These modules are made by several. SMBus/I2C™ compatible interface. The TC74 repre-. manufacturers
  • Ratiometric Sensing Using the PIC16C774
    peripherals of the PIC16C774, including a. 12-bit A/D converter and two on-chip voltage refer-. ences. FIGURE 1: BLOCK DIAGRAM FOR APPLICATION CIRCUIT. PIC16C774. VDD. RB4. RB5. TEMP. RA1/AN1. SENS. 6. LCD Display. 4.096 V. RA3/VRH. RC6/TX. Sensor. RS-232. RC7/RX. Instrumentation. RA0/AN0. Amp

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