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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IC8226 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Microprocessor ICs:Dedicated Support ICs:Bus Drivers Microprocessor ICs:Dedicated Support ICs:Bus Drivers
IC EL LAMP DRIVER National Microchip HV809LG Not Provided SO
IC National Microchip 7407 Not Provided INVERTER/BUFF/DRIVER
IC National Microchip RS232 Not Provided DRIVER
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  • Universal Power MOSFET Interface IC (TC4420/9)
    current, and logic inputs that can withstand up to 5V negative swings. Although designed as a power MOSFET driver, it can act as a level shifter, comparator, waveshaper and pulse transformer driver, to mention a few of its possible uses. TC4420/4429 Universal Power MOSFET Interface IC AN798
  • iC-WK/WKL Laser Diode Driver Application Notes
    iC-WK/L - CW operation up to 90 mA from 2.4 to 6 V supply voltage - Fits all types of laser diode pin configurations - Simple power adjustment via the external resistor - Quick soft start typically within 70 ┬Ás - APC accuracy better than 1%
  • Buck Configuration High-Power LED Driver
    . IC. the PWM switch is in position 1, L1 is connected to the. Voltage. C. Load. OUT. source voltage, the power supply is in its charging. -. phase, and an increasing current flow (IL) passes from. Ground. the source, through the inductor, to the load and COUT. While the charging current is flowing
  • Latch-Up Protection for MOSFET Drivers
    Microchip Technology Inc. AN763. Although lowering the input voltage wil help the spikes. V. that occur, they can cause other ICs on the same. S+. power supply to suffer noise immunity problems from. the noise generated by the driver IC. In some applications, such as portable instrumentation,. Trace
  • Circuit Ideas: How to Parallel LED Current Drivers
    input-voltage range, excellent thermal qualities, and the automotive temperature range. Their maximum output current, however, is 350 mA. Also, with maximum input voltages of 16 V, each IC would dissipate 3.6 W, far too much for one package to handle. One solution is to use two drivers, with each
  • The Evolution of Switched Capacitor Backlight Drivers in Mobile Phones
    LED (see Figure 1). The primary argument for using an inductive boost converter has been efficiency. While their performance varies from device to device depending upon switching frequency, resistance of the switches or MOSFETs inside the IC, and the resistance of the external inductor used, generally
  • S2079: Drivers for GaAs FET Switches and Digital Attenuators
    , provides information on M/A-COM's SW-109 and SWD-119 drivers and other commercially available digital logic IC's for control of switches and digital attenuators. GaAs MMIC control devices such as switches and digital attenuators typically employ Field Effect Transistors (FET's). The most common FET
  • M539: Drivers for GaAs FET MMIC Switches and Digital Attenuators
    M/A-COM's Microelectronics Division produces a silicon CMOS Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) that drives GaAs Field Effect Transistor (FET) based switches or digital attenuators from a single TTL or compatible IC. These ASICs are available in single (SW-109) or quad-channel (SWD-119

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