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  • Upgrading the ON Seminconductor MC33x64/34x64 Reset IC
    . For an. The ON Semiconductor reset IC is offered in TO-92, SO-8 and. operating temperature range of –40°C to 85°C, or –40°C to 125°C,. micro-8 packages. The TC54 is available in a TO-92 package (a. the MC33064 or MC33164 must be used, respectively. In compari-. pin-compatible upgrade), a 3-pin SOT-89
  • Methodical Socket Selection Speeds up Time-to-Market for IC Development Projects
    temperature ranges, but is limited by signal speed transmission. A new etched contact technology claims to handle high speed, high temperature and high density packages, but is not complaint for IC packages with wide co-planarity and loose tolerances. Figure-1 shows how different socket contact
  • Ceramic Electronic and IC Packaging Design Guide
    Design considerations for multilayer ceramic packages can be grouped into these categories: Structural Parameters. Interconnect Layout. Special Features. 6550 ATC DG_06.indd AdTech Ceramics. Design &. Capabilities Guide. Ceramic Packages | Chemical Milling | Injection Molding. Product
  • S2083: Surface Mounting Instructions for PQFN Packages
    The layout of the surface mount board plays a critical role in product design and must be done properly to achieve the intended performance of an integrated circuit. An accurate PCB pad and solder stencil design provides a proper connection interface between the IC package and the board
  • eASIC reduces multi-level package design times with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
    When designing a chip for a high-speed application, it's not only. the behavior of the IC itself that counts. The whole channel, including. the package and the printed circuit board (PCB), affects the performance. Find out how eASIC reduced multi-level package design times with the help of CST.
  • Multi-lead Organic Air-Cavity Package for High Power High Frequency RFICs
    is best suited for the RFIC. application which has 18 leads with similar pitch to standard. over molded IC packages. The QuantechTM molding. technology allows for flexibility of other lead configurations. that can quickly fill the domain of lead geometries to meet the. A. Adhesion Technology. RF device
  • Simple Synchronous Buck Converter Design - MCP1612
    = MCP1612 internal reference voltage. Where: RTOP = top resistor value. IC. = peak-to-peak ripple current. RBOT = bottom resistor value. ∆T = on-time of P-channel MOSFET. ∆VC = output ripple voltage. As previously stated, the capacitor ESR also contrib-. utes to the output ripple voltage. This ripple
  • Signal Chain Design Guide (.pdf)
    . Voltage. Magneto-Resistive. Resistance. Temperature. Thermocouple. Voltage. RTD. Resistance. Thermistor. Resistance. IC. Voltage. Infrared. Current. Thermopile. Voltage. Humidity. Capacitive. Capacitance. Infrared. Current. Force, Weight, Torque, Pressure. Strain Gauge. Resistance/Voltage. Load Cell