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  • noun.artifact ( where loans are made with personal property as security) } { pay-phone, pay- station , telephone,@ (a... PC _board, circuit_board,@ personal_computer,#p (a removable circuit board for a personal computer; fits into a... ...writing_implement,@ (a writing implement with a point from which ink flows) } { pen1, enclosure ,@ (an enclosure... penalty_box, bench,@ ice _hockey_rink,#p noun.act:ice_hockey,;c ((ice hockey) an enclosed bench to the...
  • A Seasonal Solution for Offshore Drilling in an Ice Environment
    The stern and hull are strengthened to PC -4 for stern-first navigation in heavier ice . ...5.5 MW Rolls Royce nozzled retractable azimuthing thrusters (one aft and three forward) for station keeping. intended to work late into the season, the main working areas are enclosed and temperature controlled...
  • The IRAIT Project: infrared astronomy from Antartica
    ...a wood platform at the top of a small (4 m high) hill made of compress ice . IRAIT will located at a distance of about 300-500m from the Concordia Station in a selected... ...on a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a multi-axis Motion Controller and supervising PCs connected over a... All the electronic devices are stored in three different IP65 heated (temperature controlled) enclosures , one on the...
  • Hydrogen for a global application to road transport
    ...innovative technique of hydrogen storage through chemical hydrides was studied: NaH powder is enclosed in small plastic... This technology is suitable for H2 refueling stations due to its high modularity and safety. GH2: Gaseous Hydrogen LH2: Liquid Hydrogen MHx: Metallic Hydrides (for hydrogen storage) CH4: Methane/Natural gas ICE : Internal Combustion Engine FC: Fuel Cell (hydrogen fuelled if not... ...SMR: Steam Reforming POX: Partial Oxidation ATR; Auto Thermal Reforming PC : Polycarbonate LDPE: Low Density...
  • Preliminary DIMM and MASS Nighttime Seeing Measurements at PEARL, in the Canadian High Arctic on the roof, with communication via ethernet down to a separate control PC in the warmroom. Cooling fans were de-activated and all possible locations where ice crystals (“diamond dust�?) could ingress were... times frost buildup did occur, and a webcam in a weather-proof enclosure aided in monitoring... ...when observations could reliably commence were hourly visual estimates of cloud cover at the Eureka weather station .
  • High-throughput isolation of ultra-pure plasmid DNA by a robotic system
    This makes the enclosed space accessible for both the movable pipetting head, which is equipped with standard... A PC -controlled centrifuge (Sigma 4K15R) was incorporated, which is equipped with a sliding closing in its... Opposite the centrifuge, we have located the S1/S2 pipetting station that comprises a sucking and a dispensing... ...the -20°C slot features a PC-controlled cover to reduce the generation of ice inside the box.
  • Reactor safety for power nuclear power stations
    McGraw-Hill S 204-229 Irwin GR Paris PC , Wells AA BASIC of aspects of crack growth... ...developments, and experiences in USA. atw 15(Juli):329-330 Jaerschky R, ring ice W (1990) The... ...D, Katzenmaier G (1984) findings of a tube demolition on the HDR testing facility under operating conditions... Nu cl of power Closely Chernobyl nuclear to anniverary of the accident at the of The 110:247-250 Yeltsin B (1996) On the tenth of station , foreword.
  • Small IRAIT: telescope operations during the polar night
    Ice sticks harder on lenses so that a simple brush is not enough to remove it. Telemetry is composed by 4 stages: the base PC , where the commands are given to the ter... ...noticed a 20◦ vertical gradients inside the focal plane box, a 30x40x50 cm enclosure ; in the shelter... data/day; at present moment, the Concordia station is not provided with a flat data connec- tion, to...
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  • Quantitative water mapping of cryosectioned cells by electron energy�?loss spectroscopy
    The pair was then enclosed in an indium foil envelope for ease of storage and transfer to the microscope cryo work station . Comparison of valence EELS for vitreous water, hexagonal ice , protein, lipid, nucleic acid and sucrose (a) in... Spectrum-images were acquired by means of a PC -486- based computer system (Hunt & Williams, 1991).

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