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    Powered by ICP® or any 2-20 mA constant current supply, the microphone is inter- changeable within existing setups for ICP ® accelerometers , load, force, strain and pressure sensors. Standard with TEDS v1.0 and a very competitive price , Model 130A23 is especially suitable for large …
  • Super-slim 2 Axes Automotive Accelerometer Using MEMS Technology
    SUPER SLIM 2 AXES AUTOMOTIVE ACCELEROMETER Today, the demand for smaller size and lower price accelerometer is increasing. … process combines a single-crystal SOI wafers, high aspect ratio silicon etching by ICP -RIE and newly …
  • New products
    This manufacturing flexibility means low or high volume quantities can be ordered without affecting price . New Free Field ICP ®Array Microphone … and frequencies in the audible range, and can be used simultaneously with ICP® accelerometers to simplify test …
  • Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics
    Piezoceramic accelerometers are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, weights and price range. FIGURE 8 Typical ICP sensor system.
  • First Handheld Vibration Spectrum Analyzer With Open PC Software For Machine Diagnostics
    "Our basic system comes in at a small fraction of that price , and our completely open Excel … Industry-standard BNC connectors connect with industrial-grade accelerometers , and a ruggedized case is available for the … … are the first company to develop a PDA-based vibration analyzer that uses standard ICP -type sensors.
  • New Product
    The transmitter accepts signals from re- mote ICP @industrial accelerometers with 100 m V/g sensitivity. Call for information and introductory pricing on the new, PCB Model 288C01 .
  • The Design of Three-Dimensional Vibration Sensor Based on SOI Microfabbrication
    Ciliumry, ICP , Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS), Micro-Fabrication, SOI, Vibration Sensor Price Structure Design and Experiment for a Resonant Accelerometer based on Electrostatic Stiffness .
  • MEMS Gyroscopes Replacing Entrenched Technologies - New Technology
    • Characterizing Nanoparticle Element Oxide Slurries in Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Using Single Particle ICP -MS … expand into more applications with solutions that exceed current technologies in terms of performance, size, and price . … the top 12 IMU (Inertial Measurement Units – the combination of gyros and accelerometers ) suppliers are either …
  • New Developments in Multi-channel Test Systems
    These interface devices have already been implemented into commercially available 16 channel ICP signal conditioning units (Fig … … community will see the rapid evolution of smarter sensors, effectively lowering measurement channel prices and simplifying the … … Hewlett Packard Corporation , Feeling Comfortable with VXI , 1997 7 Robinson , et al , Using Accelerometers To Measure Complex …
  • Research on the ICP Acceleration Sensors Detecting Roadbed Compaction Degree Test
    … Cao, J. H. Jiao, L. Y. Ma, S. X. Gui, "Research on the ICP Acceleration Sensors Detecting … Price Abstract:High-g accelerometer and storage test system is designed for the measurement of multi-layer steel …

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