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  • Bore and ID Gages-Image
    Bore and ID Gages - (205 companies) test for a standard bore gage, displaying a deviation from the norm, while others are designed to simply measure the component in question. Types of Bore Gages and ID Gages. Mechanical Gages. Mechanical bore gages use comparison or the physical...
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  • Dimensional Gages and Instruments-Image
    Dimensional Gages and Instruments - (1208 companies)
    Dimensional gages and instruments provide quantitative measurements of product or component dimensional and form attributes such as wall thickness, depth, height, length, inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), taper or bore. Image Credit: Fischer...
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  • Digital Readouts-Image
    Digital Readouts - (152 companies)
    ...attributes such as wall thickness, depth, height, length, I.D., O.D., taper or bore. A machine tool is a piece of equipment used for machining components. A measuring microscope is a microscope used by toolmakers for measuring properties of tools...
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  • Depth Gages-Image
    Depth Gages - (170 companies)
    Depth gages are used to measure of the depth of holes, cavities, or other component features. Depth gages are used to measure the depth of holes, cavities, and other component features. They are available in various configurations, depending...
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  • Air Gages-Image
    Air Gages - (109 companies) high-volume production environments. Air metrology instruments can provide comparative or quantitative measurements such as thickness, depth, internal diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), bore, taper and roundness. Air gauges and gaging systems may...
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    Plug and Pin Gages - (192 companies)
    ...on the minimum inside diameter (ID) tolerance of the inspected part. No-go gauge dimensions are based on the minimum outside diameter (OD) tolerance of the inspected part. Double-ended go/no-go gauges include a go gauge pin on one end of a handle...
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    Micrometers - (273 companies)
    ...such as thickness, depth, height, length, I.D., O.D., roundness or bore. Specialized micrometers are available for the measurement of threads, gear teeth and tube wall thickness. Noncontact laser micrometers are also available. Laser micrometers...
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    Calipers - (281 companies)
    ...tooth- A gear tooth caliper has an adjustable tongue designed to measure the thickness of gear teeth at the pitch line. The adjustable tongue sets the measurement depth at the pitch line or addendum. Machine travel- Machine travel calipers...
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    Tubing - (2486 companies)
    ...tubes are defined with exact rather than nominal dimensions. In other words, a tube's outer diameter will often measure exactly 1.5 inches if rated with a 1.5" OD. This is not the case with pipes, where the actual dimensions are usually...
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    Blank ID Cards - (74 companies)
    Blank ID cards are designed to have information written on them by encoders that can be read by readers. Blank ID cards are designed to be written to by encoders and read by readers. Blank ID cards are frequently manufactured from plastics...
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  • Cutting Tool Engineering | December 2012 | Inside and out
    That’s why people want to do a measurement before the part is let go from the chuck … Regardless of the type of ID/OD grinder, combining the operations in one machine is an area of growth, according to those interviewed. “ .
  • Improved Girth Welds Manufacturing for Fatigue Demanding Deep Water Developments Through Laser Pipe End Measurement
    … of view, three aspects are of interest, first of all is to produce pipes with good tolerances (e.g. low out-of-roundness, enhanced pipe ends ID/OD and wall thickness), second … … e.g. pipe ends machining ) with a guaranty of … In order to provide an accurate measurement of pipe ends tolerances achieved in their mills, Tenaris has …
  • Ins and Outs of ID/OD Comparative Gaging
    Ins and Outs of ID/OD Comparative Gaging Circles are the most frequently produced machined form. … and drilling- there are, correspondingly, a wide variety of gaging methods used to measure inside and outside …
  • Comparative ID/OD Gaging
    Comparative ID/OD Gaging A wide variety of gaging methods can be used to measure inside and outside diameters. At the other extreme, any number of precision measuring machines , including CMMs and optical or vision machines …
  • Mahr Linear 100 Now Faster And Easier To Use With New MarCheck Measuring And Evaluation Unit
    MarCheck upgrade packages are also available for older length measuring machines . The solid cast body reduces stresses and twisting error, and a large digital display provides clear readouts with selectable ID/OD results and preset values.
  • Laser beam optical CT scanner for in-air gel readout: imaging artefacts
    … laser beam is fanned by a rotating mirror across the key component, a machined and polished PMMA … With the ID/OD ratio of around 67 % and FXG inside, parallel rays extend to about 90 % of the gel diameter. This polysiloxane based coating had a measured thickness of 3.8 ± 0.1 μm over the …
  • 01.16.09 -- Infrared Light Visualizes Nanoscale Strain Fields
    … of designing a CMM measuring solution for inspecting large ring gears and bearings used by a manufacturer of large construction cranes, Wenzel designed and built a special CMM machine that combined their standard … … and proven dual-arm measuring technology with the precision … Mahr Federal To Feature Linear 100 And 36B ID/OD Indicator Gage At WESTEC 2009 .
  • McCarter Superfinish for silicon
    … A.M. Khounsary, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, for x-ray measurement ofresidual strain. Then they will be machined to produce McCarter Superfmish, 600 grit and 400 grit surfaces for evaluation … A 12.5 cm diameter 45°silicon cone was machined on an ID/OD lathe/grinder, Figure 13.
  • Development of Titanium Drill Pipe for Short Radius Drilling
    As a result, the influence of pipe surface condition variability, applied surface treatments on fatigue life, and ID/OD surface "weak link" sites could be readily identified. Seven- foot long sections of pipe were set up in the test machine as depicted in Figure … The tensile strength of the drill pipe assembly was measured to determine its tensile strength and to …
  • Diamond-Turning Applications To Multimirror Systems
    Here the overall length of the housing is used to space and control tilt between the components and the same form of ID /OD mounting is used to control the decentration. overall length then measured accurately. … revolved such that the diamond tool does not strike the secondary while the primary is being machined .