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  • USB Connectors-Image
    USB Connectors - (218 companies) as USB front panel connectors or simply front USB connectors. Straight and right angle connectors are also available. As with most connector types, USB connectors are available with either male or female plugs. Specific male-to-male or female-to-female...
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    USB Cables - (211 companies)
    USB devices with an A-style female port to a PC or another USB device. USB Type B connectors are square-like in shape and have two slightly beveled corners. They are designed for use with peripheral devices. USB Mini-A connectors are miniaturized Type...
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  • Electrical Connectors-Image
    Electrical Connectors - (2661 companies)
    Electrical connectors are devices that join electrical circuits together. Male connectors plug into receptacles, jacks, and outlets. Female connectors contain sockets to receive other devices. Electrical connectors are devices that join electrical...
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  • Gender Changers-Image
    Gender Changers - (127 companies)
    ...connectors are devices that contain solid pins and, optionally, latches that snap into place. Female connectors are devices that receive pins to form an electrical connection. Types of Gender Changers. There are four types of gender changers: male...
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  • Network Cables-Image
    Network Cables - (765 companies)
    How to Select Network Cables. Network cables are used in the transmission of data across networks. Choices include Fibre Channel, FireWire or IEEE 1394, GPIB, serial, parallel, patch, SCSI, Ethernet and USB. Specifications include cable type...
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    Cable Assemblies - (1956 companies)
    ...with D-shell connectors that have 50 pins. Gender and Shielding. The gender of a connector refers to the in which it "mates " with device to which it is connected. When selecting cable assemblies, buyers may specify male-male, male-female...
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    SCSI Cables - (168 companies)
    SCSI cables are used for high-speed bus connections between small computers and intelligent peripherals such as hard disks, printers, and optical disks.
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    Power Connectors - (682 companies)
    ...modules How To Select Power Connectors. Receptacle, Power Connector, Power entry module. Image Credit: Leviton | LappUSA | Digi-Key. Power connectors are female power connectors into which plugs or male connectors are inserted to make circuit...
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    Serial Adapters - (155 companies)
    ...a computer bus and a serial device. Serial adapters may only include two connectors, thus allowing one device to connect to one bus. Other products may allow the bus to connect to multiple serial ports. Serial adapters allow serial connections to USB...
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    AC Power Cords - (440 companies)
    ...voltage and phase. Y represents the connector's rated amperage, and the remaining Z digit is either an "R" (female receptacle) or "P" (male plug). Hard wired cord ends simply consist of hard wires which are either stripped or fitted with terminal...
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  • Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python
    All of the boards have an Atmega168 or 328 chip as their central processor, and they have a serial- to - USB chip onboard to enable them to communicate with your computer. They have a selection of jumpers, similar to the GPIO pins on the Pi, but most of them are female sockets rather than male pins. … Arduino on a regular computer is a simple process, beginning with downloading the IDE version appropriate for …
  • Popular Products In Accessories - Big Bruin PYO2L - 9 This LP4 Y-Splitter Cable features one LP4 male connector that breaks out into two LP4 female connectors, providing a cost-effective solution … … LP4 peripheral devices (CD/DVD-ROM drives, IDE hard drives etc.) to a single LP4 connector … • Cables To Go 6ft USB to DB25 IEEE-1284 Parallel Printer Adapter Cable .
    The VNC2 debug module consists of a miniature board with a USB miniB connector, which provides USB connectivity to Vinculum-II IDE development tools running on a PC. The module connects to the VNC2 device via a 6-way, 2mm pitch, keyed, female connector. The V2DIPx- x, VNC2 based development modules are equipped with a compatible male connector to host the …
  • Anyone hack a sata external enclosure for the intel mini - MacRumors Forums
    I haven't seen a male to female SATA cable before but that is what you would need. I used a homemade 44-pin to 40-pin IDE adapter to use a 3.5" HD … It is much faster than USB , Firewire or the built in 2.5" disk even at 7200rpm.
  • Building a Home Security System with Arduino
    For this book, you will be using an Arduino UNO, a USB Type A male connector to USB female Type B connector wire and a PC or alternatively a Raspberry Pi. To download the Arduino IDE , visit: .
  • USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - USB extension cable - 16.4 ft | Softchoice
    This 15ft USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable offers one USB A male connector and one USB A female connector, providing an active, bus-powered extension of a USB 2.0 device connection by up to 15ft (4.5m). … USB 2.0 SATA Hard Drive Enclosure, 3.5" USB 2.0 to IDE /SATA Hard Drive …
  • Popular Products In Accessories - Big Bruin USBFAB6T - Type A Male USB - Type B Male USB - 6ft - Transparent This 6ft cable offers one USB A Male connector and one USB B Male connector, and is fully rated to USB 2.0 specifications. • Belkin IDE Dual Hard Drive Ribbon Cable Belkin F3G52302 - IDC Female - IDC Female - 2ft The ribbon cable is the information lifeline that connects your …
  • Physicomimetics
    Third, a four-pin single-row male connector pro- vides I2 C connectivity as well as +5 … … of the PIC is done through a five-pin connector that fits the female connector of the … To write applications for the PICs, we are using the Microchip MPLAB IDE version 7.20, together … The upload of the program to the PIC is done using an MPLAB ICD 2 USB programmer.
  • Shopping In Cables & Adapters - Big Bruin
    Rosewill RCW616 - RCW-616 Laptop 2.5" to Desktop 3.5" IDE Hard Drive Adapter Converter (1 x Female IDE - 1 x Male IDE) Stretch your dollar and save on brand name computers & electronics. • Microsoft Surface USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter - 3U400001 .
  • USB2.0 TO IDE ADAPTER KIT, Electronix
    USB2.0 TO IDE ADAPTER KIT This kit provides a way to utilize ATA storage devices in a USB slot. * Male to Female ATA cable.