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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
USB-DSC5 ASAP Semiconductor MICRO Not Provided Type A Male USB, IDE/ATA Female, Serial ATA Female - Black, Gray
ICUSB232INT1 ASAP Semiconductor STARTECH Not Provided DB-9 Male Serial - IDC Female IDE, USB - 24

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Transfer Cables. DB9, DB15, DB25 & DB-Style Cables. DVI, Display Port. HDMI Cables. HDMI to DVI Cables. Home Theater Cables - Audio, Video. IEEE-1394 FireWire Cables. Internal Power Cables & IDE Floppy Cables. Keyboard, Mouse Cables (PS2, AT). Modem & Null Modem Cables. Printer Cables - USB , DB25. SCSI...

...and color depth even as prices have decreased. GUI software is now a standard feature of such operating systems as Windows, and GUI acceleration hardware is a standard function of display controller chips. Mass Storage. PC hard disk controllers have become obsolete, absorbed by the disk drive itself (IDE...

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Universal Serial Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"USB" redirects here. For other uses, see USB (disambiguation).   (Redirected from USB) Jump to: navigation, search | 30504 | Cables to Go USB 2.0 to IDE or SATA...

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USB Cables, USB to Serial adapters USB A to B connectors at...
Ultra X-Stream ULT40370 15ft A-Male to A-Female USB 2.0 Extension Cable - 15'

USB 2.0 Cables - Type A Male to Type A Female Extension
Cables USB USB 2.0 Cables USB 2.0 Cables - Type A Male to Type A Female Extension USB 2.0 4Port Squid Hub, 3 A-Female + 1 Mini5 Male
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USB A Female to Mini USB B 5 Pin Male Adapter at
USB A Female to Mini USB B 5 Pin Male Adapter Connectors: 1 x USB Type A Female to 1 x USB Type B 5 pin Male
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Cables To Go GO!DATA USB 2.0 IDE Adapter - Reviews & Prices @...
First Connector 1 x Male SATA, 1 x 40 pin IDE Second Connector 1 x Type A Male USB 1.0 USB

usb male connector datasheets and application notes, data...
with panel gasket .. Tags: USB-B connector USB1 usb male connector usb connection USB B-FEMALE USB B MALE USB B FEMALE Socapex* AWG 28 Amphenol -

USB to IDE cable - Detailed info for USB to IDE cable,usb to...
8 pin male to 8 pin female power ex... USB to IDE cable HDMI Male to HDMI Female 1.4 versio... HDMI Male to Mini HDMI Male

Usb To Sata Ide Converter Cable-Usb To Sata Ide Converter...
usb 3.0 to sata cable, usb to micro sata cable , usb to serial cable db9 converter cable, usb ide converter adapter cable, usb to rs232 converter
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