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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MAX16914AUB/V+ Digi-Key Maxim Integrated Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC CTRLR IDEAL DIODE 10UMAX
LTC4357CDCB#TRMPBF National Microchip Linear Technology Not Provided IC IDEAL DIODE CNTRLR 6-DFN
LTC4411ES5#TRMPBF National Microchip Linear Technology Not Provided IC IDEAL DIODE LOW LOSS TSOT23-5
LTC4357IDCB#TRMPBF ASAP Semiconductor LINEAR Not Provided IC, IDEAL DIODE CONTROLLER, 6DFN; Applications:Telecom Infrastru
DL-3147-185   World StarTechnologies Lasers blue-violet laser diode is an ideal light source for large-capacity optical disc systems used in next-generation recordable optical disc systems.
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  • Resource: Diode Tutorial
    and has two(2) terminals, an anode(+) and a cathode(-). Current flows from anode to cathode within the diode. A diode and schematic representation are shown below. An ideal diode is like a light switch in your home. When the switch is closed, the circuit is completed; and the light turns on.When
  • Schottky Diodes
    for sev- ally ideal rectifier whose for-. flowing into the metal. Charge. When a positive voltage is eral decades. Silicon Schottky ward voltage can be selected by. accumulates at the interface, applied to the metal, the inter- diodes can be produced with design. This makes Schottky. distorting
  • Varactor Diodes
    . capacitance is constant with frequency. A 1 MHz capacitance. The slope of the log C vs. log V curve is typically denoted by. bridge or meter must operate with a low signal voltage to avoid. gamma (ϒ). For an ideal abrupt varactor diode, gamma is 0.5. errors due to the nonlinear properties
  • Test and Characterization of Laser Diodes: Determination of Principal Parameters
    . Differential Quantum Efficiency value of a real laser. diode by measuring its slope of the L.I. curve, ∆P/∆I,. Now, to compare the efficiency of a real laser, being tested. above threshold current. We then need to compare that. in the laboratory, to the ideal perfect laser, we can com-. to the slope
  • New Diode Could Enable Faster, More Efficient Electronics
    , manufacturers would get more bang for their buck, Berger said. Berger said that the diode's ability to operate in low-power conditions makes it ideal for use in power-hungry devices that generate radio-frequency signals, such as cordless home telephones and cell phones. Researchers around the world
  • Laser Diodes and Pigtailing
    to circularize a diode laser beam is to couple it into a singlemode fiber. The laser beam emitted from a singlemode fiber is more than just circular in shape; it is also mathematically Gaussian in its intensity profile with a common source point for both directions. A collimated Gaussian beam is ideal
  • Application of the Integrating Sphere Optical Power Measurement System in Laser Diode Characterization
    flux. This attenua-. the calibration module compatible with most of Newport’s. tion, caused by light reflecting many times before reach-. Optical Power Meters (Figure 3). A fiber optic connector. ing the detector, makes the integrating sphere an ideal. port and fiber pigtailed collimator
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Tuning Varactors
    ideal dielectric. The distance that separates the two conductors is controlled by the magnitude and polarity of the. bias voltage, as well as by the doping concentration of the n layer. Virtually all varactor diodes are constructed with circular top contacts, so the varactor diode is. modeled