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1492JD3RB751 PLC Radwell Allen Bradley Not Provided IEC 2-CKT FEED-THROUGH BLK, RESISTOR, 4MM

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  • Accuracy Standards
    The industry standard for platinum RTD's according to IEC-751 is + /- 0.12% (of resistance) at 0°C, commonly referred to as Class B accuracy. This will provide an accuracy of + /- 0.3°C at 0°C, which is quite good if you compare it to the + /- 2.2°C of a standard Type J or K thermocouple. Accuracy
  • What is a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)?
    . This method allows for the production of small, fast response, accurate sensors. Thin film elements conform to the European curve/DIN 43760 standards and the “0.1% DIN” standard tolerance. >> Class A RTD. Highest RTD Element tolerance and accuracy, Class A (IEC-751), Alpha = 0.00385. >> Class B
  • Available Temperature Sensors, Probes & Connectors
    (DIN/IEC 751) measuring resistors (surcharge for 1/2 DIN Class B or 1/5 DIN Class B. accuracy). The specified T values relate to the tip of the sensor. The specified T times are related to measurements in a moving liquid. max. 90. The sensor handles and cables are usually resistant to temperatures up
  • Selecting The Right Sensor
    , and environment.". For Platinum RTD'S, ASTM-1137 Part 9 requires the stability of the unit to remain within the specific accuracy grade (ie: Grade B) for a four week test. IEC-751 goes a step further and requires that Class B RTD's must withstand 250 hours at maximum temperature and 250 hours at minimum
  • Resistance vs. Temperature Tables 100 ohm Platinum RTD, .00385 Coefficient, Degrees Celsius
    323.94 324.26 324.57 324.89 325.21 325.53 325.84 326.16 326.48. 630. 640. 326.48 326.79 327.11 327.43 327.74 328.06 328.38 328.69 329.01 329.32 329.64. 640. 650. 329.64. 650. Reference IEC 751. Tel: T 1.716.684.4500. el: • USA. • USA Toll Free: T. 1.800.223.2389. oll Free: • Email
  • Class A RTD Elements
    elements are multi-point and more precise, providing tighter control of the temperature coefficient and an accuracy of .3° C at 0° C. As stated in section 4.2.2 of IEC Standard 751, "The test for Class A thermometers shall be carried out at two or more temperature suitably spaced over the stated working
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors: Theory and Standards
    Coefficient Standards"). Nominal Resistance Nominal resistance is the pre-specified resistance value at a given temperature. Most standards, including IEC-751, use as their reference point because it is easy to reproduce. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) specifies the standard
  • Trixell to Fabricate Flat-Panel Digital Detectors for OEMs Thermoplastic Specified for Reusable Petri Dish Bayer Introduces Materials Selection on the World Wide Web Indentec Meets European Hardness Calibration Standard
    /gene analysis market. For more information, contact Pharmacia Biotech AB, S-751 82 Uppsala, Sweden; phone: +46 18 165000; fax: +46 18166458. Shows and Conferences International Laser Experts Meet at ICALEO 97 Laser professionals from around the world will convene at the 16th International

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