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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EC1394B2   Howard Computers Serial Communications Products This 2 Port ExpressCard FireWire Adapter Card adds two 1394b FireWire ports to a laptop computer, providing a cost-effective way to add IEEE 1394A and IEEE 1394B FireWire devices even if the laptop doesn't have a built-in FireWire 400 or FireWire 800 port. Simply insert the IEEE 1394B FireWire 800...
50701   CompUSA Serial Cables Twice The Speed of The Original 1394 Standard. IEEE 1394b Cables by Cables To Go are the latest in Firewire technology. IEEE 1394b or Firewire 800 provides transfer speeds up to a blazing 800Mbps! This is twice the speed of the original 1394 standard. 1394b is a must-have for transporting...
FW9610   HAVE, Inc. SCSI Cables FW9610 Fire Wire Cable 9PIN to 6PIN, 3 M Length. IEEE 1394 - A very fast external bus standard that supports data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbps (1394a, 4 and 6 pin) and 800 Mbps (1394b,9 pin) Products supporting the 1394 standard go under different names, depending on the company. Apple, which...
50703   CompUSA Serial Cables Cables To Go 6.5-Foot IEEE-1394B Firewire 800 9-Pin/6-Pin Cable. IEEE 1394b Cables by Cables To Go are the latest in Firewire technology. IEEE 1394b or Firewire 800 cables are perfect for connecting your new Firewire 1394b devices to your legacy 1394a ports! 1394b is the new standard...
DA-1394B-49-MM-005M   Custom Cable Serial Cables Custom lengths and configurations are available
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  • IEEE 1394b S1600 Technical FAQ (.pdf)
    IEEE 1394b S1600 FireWire is the next-generation digital communication technology that builds on the strengths of its predecessor and offers significant increases in data transfer rates. This FAQ addresses many of the common technical questions regarding the interface, as well as how S1600-capable
  • ESD Protection IEEE 1394 Data Lines (.pdf)
    Controller. Without sufficient protection, the Controller chip can be rendered inoperable. 27902-HG_6_ESD for IEEE1394 TECH. BRIEF. ESD Protection. IEEE 1394 Data Lines. 1394a (400 Mbps) and the upcom-. IEEE 1394 Product (card or box). ing IEEE 1394b (800 - 1,600 Mbps),. suppressors
  • IEEE 1394 Tutorial
    You have probably heard the term FireWire if you have any interest in digital video -- or maybe you know it as Sony i.Link or as IEEE 1394, the offical name for the standard. FireWire is a way to connect different pieces of equipment so they can easily and quickly share information. IEEE 1394
  • Computer Power User Article - SLI Motherboard & Video Card Roundup
    , the A8N-SLI has since stabilized at less than $200. It's not the most lavish contender, though. You won't find the integrated 802.11g wireless, IEEE 1394b, or special Stack Cool features present on ASUS' Intel flagships. Instead, expect such standardized extras as dual GbE (Gigabit Ethernet
  • Case Study: Perfect Swing
    and a short shutter time were key to ensure pre-cise, high-quality recordings which are cru-cial for the ongoing analysis”, says Arnaud Susset, CEO of R &D Vision. The digital camera Pike F-032 from Allied Vision Technologies and its high-speed IEEE 1394b interface were the best choice
    camera with fast FireWire interface (IEEE 1394b). Thanks to its extremely small form factor (29 x 29 x 29 mm), great resolution and frame rate it makes the perfect solution for interactive PufferSphere models. “Our clients are world-class entertainment productions such as Coldplay, the Eurovision
  • Case Study: AVT Pike Makes Foosball Robot Nearly Unbeatable
    by a Pike F-032 high-speed camera from Allied Vision Technologies. Via its IEEE 1394b FireWire interface, up to 120 images per second are recorded and analyzed in VGA resolution (0.3 megapixels). Furthermore, the use of the AVT FirePackage software optimized the speed of image processing. This six
  • Case Study: Packaging Inspector
    industrial camera combining a fast IEEE 1394b interface with advanced image optimization functions (AVT smart features). The Stingray F-046 and F-201 feature a 0.4 Megapixel and 2 Megapixel CCD-sensor respectively. Round cream cups are checked using a combination of Stingray F-146B and Marlin

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