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. blanking/tip switch. MOSFET die, 0.110 sq in., 1 KV, 13.5 ohm. MOSFET, 1 KV, 13.5 ohm. MCM, 6-array MOSFET (MSAFA1N100D). High-voltage. switching bridge. IGBT die, 0.160 sq in., 1200 V, 55-A surge. MCM, half-bridge, capacitive-coupled, IC-driven IGBT. Thyristor-based (SCR and Triac) up to 1200 V...

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TOSHIBA Semiconductor & Storage Products Company
Discrete IGBT Strobe Flash IGBTs RF Transistors Demodulation and Error Correction IC for DTMB

16-bit Programmable Magnetic Encoder
RF & Microwave + Vortex Gearbox??? AVSP-1104 IGBT Gate Drive Intel Pwr Mod and Gate Drive Interfaces
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Warm Water Washing Toilet Seat | ???? (Renesas Electronics)
IGBT ?????? ????????? ??? ??? RF?? Microwave Oven (High-End) Microwave Oven (Low-End)

Analog & Power New Products | ???? (Renesas Electronics)
Standard IC RF Devices Optoelectronics IGBT SJ MOSFETs Power MOSFETs Intelligent Power Devices

US Microwaves - Manufacturer of thin film MIC technology...
US Microwave offers a multitude of applied thin film products and microwave semiconductor devices: manufactures and supplies high quality standard

3, Tape &Amp, 00" W X 1, 00mm X 76, 2, 680" L X...
channel - lx1991-03eval, ic led driver white bcklgt 8-son - tps61042drbr, ic led driver pwm control 28-dip - tlc5940nt, ic led driver rgb 24-soic -

1, 2 Wire Leads, 1 Cfm, *, 3 Wire Leads, 8, *, Bulk, 0ghz, Npn...
Like the ic amp 3v vhf/microwave sot23-5 - max2632euk-t, ic bluetooth front-end 20ssop - t7024-trsy, ic diff rf/if amp 2ghz 16-lfcsp - ad8352acpz-wp,

Mouser Electronics - Electronic Component Distributor
Exar XRP7724 Digital PWM/PFM Step Down Controller 01/02/2013 - World's lowest power consumption digital PWM / PFM device.
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Solutions for home appliances April 2007 INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES...
Drive Driver IC / Protection High-voltage Bootstrap Page 7 EiceDRIVERTM Driver IC CiPoSTM Page 8 6 UVLO PFC-IC Page 8 15 V Discrete IGBT / Page 9
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Sitemap - Infineon Technologies
Constant Current Control IC for Transmission IGBT-Chips IGBT mit antiparallel geschalteter Diode
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