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  • Induction-heated cooking appliance using new quasi-resonant ZVS-PWM inverter with power factor correction
    This IH cooking appliance connected to a 200-V utility ac power grid is especially introduced for the multiburner system structure and induction-heated cooker with microwave oven for home and business uses. .... This single-ended quasi-resonant soft-switching PWM IGBT inverter with CFVP function is able to combine with multiple IH load vessels or pans coupled to the working heating coil. .... circuit is based on microcomputer- based power regulation and system protection, and IGBT IC driver modules are…
  • 2010 Combined Author Index IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
    Physics-Based Model of Planar-Gate IGBT Including MOS Side Two-Dimensional Ef- fects; TIA Nov.-Dec. 2010 2556-2567 Lu, Ting … Rogers, Craig, and Peng, Fang Zheng, A double Fourier analysis devel- opment of THD for PWM inverters: A theoretical method … 6 Lukic, Zdravko, Radic, Aleksandar, Prodic, Aleksandar, and Effler, Simon, Oversampled digital controller IC based on successive .... S-Doped GaSe for sub- microwave generation; SIBIRCON July 2010 576-580 Luo, Cheng, and Hofmann, Heath F., Wideband energy harvesting for resonant piezoelectric devices; ECCE Sept. 2010 4171-4178 Luo, Chih Wei, see Atuchin, V. V., SIBIRCON July 2010 539…
  • COOLMOSTM-a new milestone in high voltage power MOS
    Areas of application in this power range are power supplies for workstations and server, unintenuptible power supplies (UPS), high voltage converters for microwave and medical systems, induction ovens, welding equipment etc. .... frequencies above 1OOkHz CoolMOSTMtransis- tors offer - in comparison with the fastest currently available IGBTs - not only a .... The integrated combination of a CoolMOSTM and a con- trol- IC (COO~SET~)allows cost effective solutions with .... This means for example that it is possi- ble now to integrate the PWM control IC and…
  • 25V and 30V MOSFETs for PoL Synchronous Buck Converter Applications
    • LED driver offers PWM & 94% efficiency in boost mode. .... IGBTs extend operational lifetime & efficiency. .... • RF/ Microwave switching solutions on parade in Paris. .... • IC building blocks simplify system development 27th November 2014 .
  • Power Semiconductor Discretes & Modules Report - 2014
    • Devices developed speciically for operation at RF or microwave frequencies (e.g. as LD MOSFETs). .... • “Smart power” devices (MOSFETs with integrated control functions; i.e. Power ICs or integrated power stages). .... • Monolithic PWM controllers and power ICs such as intelligent power switches. .... • Modules containing IGBTs , which are classiied as IGBT modules, CIB/PIM modules, or IPMs .
  • A solid state high voltage pulser for RADAR transmitter using fractional turn transformer
    A PWM IC SG1526 drives full bridge converter at 50 khz. .... The fractional tum primary transformer is used successfully in application of high power, IGBT switching module to meet the requirements of megawatts peak power modulators for microwave amplifier applications.
  • A novel high-frequency ZVS-PWM inverter for multi-burners induction-heating appliance
    microwave oven. .... The operating principle of quasi-resonant PWM inverter working at ZVS mode has been described for IH … induction-heated boiler & evaporator systems using power factor corrected series load resonant PWM IGBT inverter”, PCIM‘96. .... Load-Resonant Inverter using Application-Specific IGBT & Driver IC for .
  • Wideband Continuous-time ΣΔ ADCs, Automotive Electronics, and Power Management
    S. Zeltner, Insulating IGBT driver with PCB integrated capacitive coupling elements, in 2010 6th International Conference on … integrated power stages, in 2015 IEEE 27th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices IC ’s (ISPSD) (2015 .... S. Nagai, Y. Yamada, N. Negoro, H. Handa, Y. Kudoh, H. Ueno, M. Ishida, N. Otuska, D. Ueda, A GaN 3x3 matrix converter chipset with drive-by- microwave technologies, in 2014 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference Digest of Technical Papers .... A. Seidel, M. Costa, J. Joos, B. Wicht, Isolated 100% PWM gate driver with auxiliary energy and…
  • SiC device technology for high voltage and RF power applications
    …low RonS 4H-SiC SEJFET”, IEEE International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD), pp. 23 … H. Ryu, R. Singh, and J. W. Palmour, “High-power P- channel UMOS IGBT 's in 6H … operation of SiC junction controlled thyristor (JCT) switches used in an all-SiC PWM inverter”, Materials Science .... [71] K. V. Vassilevski, A. V. Zorenko, and K. Zekentes, “Experimental observation of microwave oscillations produced by pulsed silicon carbide IMPATT diode”, Electronics-Letters., vol.
  • 2004 Subject Index
    Ertan, H.B., + , T-IA Nov-Dec 04 1621-1628 transformer parasitic param. and lossless inductive snubber assisted zero current soft switching power supply for power microwave generator. .... 03 2003 1150-1155 Vol.2 ultra-low-power digitally-controlled buck converter IC for cellular phone … G., + , PESC-04 2004 579-584 Vol.1 deadbeat control for 3 phase PWM inverter, FPGA hardware .... Munzer, M., + , PEDS-03 2003 93-96 Vol.1 power supply, IGBT switch stack for plasma source…