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  • Using NEC Optocouplers as Gate Drivers in IGBT and Power MOSFET Applications
    to the. • High-speed switching (tPLH/ tPHL = 0.5µs max). MOSFET/IGBT gate charge, based on the desired switch-. • ). ing frequency to turn on and off the MOSFET / IGBT. Large operating voltage range (VCC–VEE = 15–30 V). Qg. • Built-in UVLO (Under-Voltage Lock Out) function. VO. 2. PS9552 Overview. • High
  • Reducing Inductance in Power Distribution Systems
    The traditional solution for distributing power within an electronic system has been with cables or cable harnesses. The standard wiring solutions are fabricated with individual conductors or conductors bundled together to make an assembly. The high frequency switching applications (IGBT technology
  • The Power of Green: Mitsubishi 9900A Series High Efficiency True On-Line Double Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (.pdf)
    that with the. development: 480V and 575/600V classification is being. emergence of the IGBT power device due to the need for. considered. higher. switching. frequencies. in. power. electronic. applications,. the. desire. for. substantially. lower. A. Three-Level Converter Topology. semiconductor switching losses
  • Introduction to Solid State Pipe & Tube Welding Systems (.pdf)
    their usefulness to frequencies below 100 kHz. While IGBTs can be operated as. high as 150 kHz, the switching losses reduce their ratings to be comparable with FETs. There is no. particular advantage in using them in designs operating above 100 kHz And above 150 kHz their use is. impractical
  • Building a Reliable VFD System (.pdf)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6. insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology, creates the variable voltage and frequency. output that will control the motor’s speed. A microprocessor in the VFD, with programming. resident in firmware, governs the overal operation
  • Shaft grounding for inverter driven motors
    . shaft current in AC motors. The switching frequen-. discharges, causing electrical discharge machining. cies of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) used. (EDM) pits and fusion craters in the race wall and ball. in these drives produce voltages on the motor shaft. bearings. This phenomenon
  • VF Control of 3-Phase Induction Motors Using PIC16F7X7 Microcontrollers
    with the application code and. their time base for setting the switching frequency and. transferred to the data memory upon initialization. duty cycle, all will have the same switching frequency. Loading the table this way minimizes access time. To derive a varying 3-phase AC voltage from the DC. during
  • Inverters Reduce Manufacturing Costs (.pdf)
    . that all of our readers have a clear understanding. latest power switching devices, IGBT’s, in such. voltage mentioned earlier. of the theory of Inverter technology this first. “Connections” will deal with the fundamentals. of this technology. INVERTERS MEET THE NEED FOR. IMPROVED CONTROL. All

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