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8260-1L Allied Electronics, Inc. MG CHEMICALS Not Provided Immersion Super Solvent; strips conformal coatings, greases, adhesives; 34oz liq

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Dip coating or immersion coating makes plastisol a functional part of the dipped object. Hot dip coating, the most common variety, heats the object and then immerses it in plastisol. The plastisol gels on the heated object, but final fusion takes place in a heated chamber. Cold dipping, used...

E-coat, electrocoat, or electrophoretic coating processes use charged particles to attract paint or coating particles or molecules in an immersion bath to the surface of a submerged part. E-coating is a dip coating process in which the coating or paint solids suspended in the bath are given...

Autophoretic ® or autodeposition coating systems are specialized immersion or dip coating processes where the dispersed coating is attracted to a submerged part without the application of an applied electrical voltage. Autodeposition coating processes use a mild acid to etch the surface of a steel...

...sealing processes. Common sealing processes include immersion in hot water (boiling DI water), a nickel acetate solution, and a dichromate solution. Low temperature nickel fluoride sealing is a relatively new sealing method. Steam sealing has been used in Japan since 1932[1]. Sodium silicate... the primary approach to preventing extraction products from entering the immersion fluid. Such coatings have been shown to be effective. They can also... exposed to light, which reaches only the coating under the transparent areas of the phototools. Exposure prepares these areas of the coating for hardening with a developing solution. After developing, an acidic etchant is applied to the assembly by spraying or immersion. The etchant dissolves material...

...solution. When developing is completed, an acidic etchant is applied to the assembly by means of spraying or immersion. The etchant dissolves material not protected by the hardened coating, leaving the desired part shape. Unlike stamping, photoetching produces burr-free part edges, according...

That in turns helps improve fuel economy and decreases emissions. As an immersion process, Keronite can be used to treat the inner surfaces of complex shapes. The ceramic layers can be adjusted for optimal performance. The increasingly dire reports of global warming coupled with gas prices topping three bucks...

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