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  • Settings for Success: Techniques for Most Popular Engraving Materials (.pdf)
    and power settings depend mainly on two things: the first is the material you're engraving or cutting, and the second is the wattage of the machine you're using. On some materials such as wood, the higher wattage the machine, the faster you can set the speed to get to the same engraving depth
  • Industrial-Strength CNC Chassis Design (.pdf)
    to maintain machining coordinates day in and day out. First, what doesn’t work. The overall size, weight and footprint of conventional CNC machines designed for larger tools is dictated. by a necessity to house or accomodate the big motors and parts required to run big tools and machine. through steel
  • Green Lasers Micromachine Medical Implants
    These holes were produced in tubular stainless steel using mechanical drilling (left), conventional laser cutting (center) and micromachining with a high-power, frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser. When one considers the impact of photonics in industry, telecommunications and aerospace immediately come
  • Medical Device Link .
    parts, and detailed part fabrication. Machine creates testable models from polycarbonate, ABS, and sulfone. The FDM Titan from Stratasys Inc. creates polycarbonate models that have impact strength and heat resistance properties. A rapid prototyping machine creates models using high-performance
  • No Room for Error
    to Cleveland-based AKS Cutting Systems for a new state-of-the-art plasma cutter to dramatically accelerate production and flexibility in this key area. AKS, a subsidiary of Kiffer Industries, manufactures CNC plasma cutting machines and flame cutting systems. It also has OEM distribution relationships
  • Small Parts, Smaller Features
    In. Shop. Cart. Contact. Advanced Options. About Us. Advertise»». 2014 Media Kit. 2013 Media Kit. Upcoming Issues. Channels»». 30 Under 30. AeroDef. Alternative Machining. Controls & Software. Energy. Event Coverage. Lasers. Lean. Machines & Automation. Materials. Medical. The Metal Shop. Micro

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  • Impact rotary engraving of plastics
    On the other hand, it is important to develop practical recommendations for the selection of the relevant parameters for specific materials and general methodological recommendations so as to assist the operator in setting up the engraving–milling machines used for rotary impact engraving .
  • Research of PMAC-based open NC system for Engraving and milling machine
    Compared with traditional high-cost CNC engraving and milling machine, software development is difficult, maintenance complex, the CNC engraving and milling machine to control the realization of intelligent, operating system, universal, traditional markets, the impact of specific numerical control.
  • Initiatives of Precision Engineering at the Beginning of a Millennium
    As a competitive machining method, this study deals with abrasive jet machining (AJM), a specialized form of shot blasting, in which the surface of hard and brittle materials is engraved by impacting fine .
    E – chisel material Young Module Machine engraving by dithering is identical to the destruction by impact and includes 3 technological stages.
  • Enter the Matrix
    Similar to other machining operations, the workpiece material has an impact on the engraving process.
  • Production methods
    ...Beveling/edging, trimming, rough polishing Marble/limestone Trimming Ceramic tiles Trimming, rough polishing Ferrite Grinding motor cores MBG 640 High impact, power restricted machine Glass Automatic pencil edging, automatic seaming, engraving crystal, cut off wheels... ...cores MBG 620 Medium impact , high contact areas, long...
  • Automatic drill bit inspection and marking line
    In order to avert any possible misalignment of the end face of the bit shank relative to the engraving of the mark, the... ...drill bit to the machined end of the tapered shank before the im- pact is applied with the...
  • Designing Cost-Efficient Mechanisms
    ...Powder metallurgy Flame cutting, including plasma arc Flame spraying, including plasma arc Machining (small, large, precise, etc.) Electrical-discharge machining (EDM) Electro-forming Chemical... ...Forging Extrusion: plastic, metal; impact extrusion Die drawing of... ...Engineering ("job shops") Nameplates: engraved , etched, cast, silk-screened...