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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
18-94502089 ASAP Semiconductor EDAC Not Provided NTI IMPEDANCE MATCHING ADAPTER

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  • Adapters & Sockets for Product Life-Cycle Management - Extending the Life of Your Product
    function to be accomplished. Special leads to mount to PLCC. leads al ow SMT at achment to the old PLCC pads which the adapter is replacing. Fig. 7. Figure 7 is a pluggable upgrade adapter to a target 0.8mm BGA chip. A 0.8mm SMT BGA. female adapter is soldered to the target PCB. A matching gold plated
  • SCSI Terminators
    SCSI terminators are an electrical circuit at the end of the SCSI cable designed for impedance matching. With the terminator in place, the electrical signals traversing the cable will not be reflected back when they reach the end of the cable. It is important to remember that any SCSI segment
  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    directed at hot connection over current conditions and electrostatic discharge (ESD) induced in the USB system. The USB specification provides a uniform protocol for the addition and configuration of computer peripherals. USB is designed around one uniform port size and a matching connector. It uses
  • Prototyping and Testing for Switched Fabrics
    and help determine the optimal design. One can determine the best aggregate design outcome for modifications in stub effect, skin effect, dielectric losses, crosstalk, differential pair routing, and matching impedances. Development Units. The backplanes and chassis for the new technologies often start