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  • Arbitrary Impedance
    S-parameters are dependent on the impedance to which they are referenced and many measurements are now performed in a non-50 ohm world. Matching and other tasks are now often referenced to something other than 50 ohms but calibrations in the native unusual impedance may be difficult or untraceable
  • Measuring Low Value Resistance / Impedance
    A broad range of systems include components with very low resistance/impedance values such as current meters, force measurement devices, temperature sensors, battery/fuel cells, etc. Such impedance values can be in the range of 0.001 ohm to 0.1 ohm (maybe even smaller). In many cases
  • Distortion and Source Impedance in JFET-input Op Amps
    Designers of low-distortion analog circuits in industrial data acquisition, seismic measurement, and high-fidelity audio are aware that many operational amplifiers (op amps) produce greater distortion when configured as non-inverting amplifiers. This article evaluates the distortion characteristics
  • Impedance Battery Testing According to a Manufacturer of Test Devices
    Internal battery ohmic measurements have been a hot topic amongst battery users and battery manufacturers for the last ten or twelve years. Everyone seems to agree that measuring the internal parameters of a cell can be very useful in determining a battery's state of health. These measurements
  • Measure Impedance And Insertion Loss In USB 3.0 Cables And Connectors
    and cables results in considerable distortion because of channel dispersion. To keep this distortion to manageable levels, the standard specifies the impedance and return loss for mated cables and connectors. The latter measurement is represented by the S-parameter, S11. It must be normalized
  • Impedance Matching Techniques for Mixers and Detectors - App Note (.pdf)
    The use of tables for designing impedance matching filters for real loads is well known [1]. Simple complex loads can often be matched by this technique by incorporating the imaginary portion of the load into the first filter element [2]. This technique is rarely useful for matching diodes because
  • LCR Measurement Primer (.pdf)
    This primer defines and explains the measurement of the impedance parameters known as L (inductance), C (capacitance), and R (resistance). Impedance parameters are characteristic of an AC circuit; this primer describes the impedance measurements that are typically used, including their equations
  • Advances in pH Measurement in High-Temperature Biotech Processes
    By CD Feng, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical Liquid pH is one of the most important parameters of cell-culture and fermentation processing in the biotech industry. Yet pH measurement in various industrial processes still heavily relies upon century-old pH glass electrode technology

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