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  • Impedance Battery Testing According to a Manufacturer of Test Devices
    of a cell that is the important parameter in determining a cell's state of health. Most AC impedance or conductance devices, whether they are monitors or portable instruments, do not measure the true resistance of a cell and do not provide reliable state of health information. Very little has been
  • Portable Hardness Test Technology for Assessing Titanium Weld Quality (.pdf)
    procedures. The OE relationship for Rockwell B hardness was used to calibrate the portable hardness test procedure. The portable hardness tester was based on using the ultrasonic contact impedance method. This study has shown that with careful attention to detail, portable hardness testing can be used
  • Test condition makes the impact on the sensitivity of microphone
    Generally speaking, the sensitivity of the microphone will increase when we raise the impedance at 2.2K of RL, the results as the graph 1 & 2. The sensitivity also rises if we give higher voltage to the microphone, graph 3 & 4.
  • 5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger
    110kOhm. Ensure that the voltage source has low output impedance or the test results will be invalid. 1. Perform a self-test of the datalogger by issuing the TEST command and observing the result. The logger will return various test results and an overall Pass/Fail result. 2. Now perform a low-voltage
  • TN 2: Choosing an Impedence Head
    Among the factors that must be considered in choosing an impedance head are the range of impedance of interest, and the effect that the impedance head may have on the vibratory characteristics of the test specimen. The ranges of impedance for which the Wilcoxon Impedance Heads Z602WA and Z820WA can
  • LCR Measurement Primer (.pdf)
    . Also described are the connections to the device under test, and how to use test instruments to precisely measure impedance. In addition, primer describes the testing of individual passive components for inductance, capacitance, and resistance.
  • Performance of Northwire DataCELL FOUNDATION fieldbus Type H1 Cables in Improper Installation Situations (.pdf)
    The purpose of this test was to duplicate the conditions of an improper installation and examine the effects of those installation practices on the electrical characteristics of the test samples. The cable samples were tested for characteristic impedance, conductor-to-conductor capacitance
  • Application: RF Reed Relays Used in Integrated Circuits Performance PCBs
    Performance boards are used in conjunction with integrated circuits to directly connect the actual test functions from the test system to the integrated circuit under test. RF reed relays are specially designed to switch and pass fast digital pulses in a 50 ohm impedance environment while offering

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